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Comfort Vlogging Kit für Smartphones


Flexible tripod system for smartphones

Journalists, vloggers and videographers get on with ours Comfort vlogging set now a ultra-flexible tripod system at your fingertips, the components of which can be easily taken apart.

This means that the set can not only be used in its entirety, but also each individual part for itself. All parts are perfect flexible to use and fit for all common Smartphones*.


Leichte Montage und Belastbares, kompaktes Stativ


You can use your clamped in the holder Smartphone with a simple movement of the swivel head from Portrait to landscape bring. The Hand tripod , which is resilient and compact in every respect, can be adjusted in two heights. In 5.2 cm and 12.3 cm .


Kompaktes Vlogging Kit für Smartphones mit biegbarem Arm


A flexible bendable arm , which is rotatable and detachable and has a Cold shoe connection disposes. This allows you to attach another LED permanent light, for example. The detachable arm however, it can also be used separately as a flexible handheld stand and smartphone holder.


Vielseitig Einsetzbar und schnell aufgebaut


This well thought-out system is characterized by its particularly easy assembly. It has a ¼-inch tripod thread on the mini tripod and on Tripod head . Besides, it comes with one Cold shoe connection at the Smartphone holder and on the flexible arm. Thanks to its flexible system, that is Rollei Comfort Vlogging Set set up and ready for use in next to no time.


*Smartphones with a min./max. Width from 56 - 86 mm

  • Suitable for all common smartphones*
  • Compact and ultra-flexible vlogging kit
  • Ideal for journalists, vloggers and videographers
  • Ultra flexible tripod system
  • Can be taken apart, combined and used individually
  • Stand adjustable in two heights: 5.2 cm and 12.3 cmm)
  • Flexibly bendable, rotatable arm
  • With cold shoe connection for attaching e.g. LED permanent light
  • 1/4 tripod thread on mini tripod and tripod headf

*Smartphones with a min./max. Width from 56 - 86 mm

Technical specifications
Suitable for:
Smartphones width: 56 - 86 mmm)
Dimensions: 48 x 47 x 56 mm tripod headf)
85/122 x 37 x 25.5 mm smartphone holderg)
40 x 24 x 240 mm flexible armm)
Maximum height: 123 mm mini tripodv)
Minimum height: 52 mm mini tripodv)
Pack size: 158 mm mini tripodv)
Maximum load:
5 kg mini tripodv)
2.5 kg tripod headf)
150 g flexible armm)
Weight: 285 g
scope of delivery
  • 1x tripod
  • 1x tripod head
  • 1x smartphone holder
  • 1x flexible arm

The smartphone shown, the microphone and the continuous LED light are not included in the scope of delivery.

If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center atdownloads.rollei.de
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