PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner
PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner

PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide scanner


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Diafilm und Foto-Scanner von Rollei


Slides, negatives and photos are gradually losing importance in the age of the internet and digital photography. But many of these pieces of jewelry still exist in magazines, folders, shoe boxes and cigar boxes in private households and have a particularly high emotional value. It is especially sad when the collected memories gradually fade and fall victim to the ravages of time.

Zubehör des Diafilm und Fotoscanners PDF-S 240 SE von Rollei

Digitized, restored, preserved

It's wonderful when you can digitize exactly these memorabilia, something with thatRollei PDF-S 240 SE multiscanner is easily possible. Digitize your photos without any problems and make them accessible for optimization using modern image processing programs.
Just try out the possibilities the supplied software opens up for you when you scan photos from days long gone and process them with modern means. You can make cracks, scratches and stains disappear. The optimization of brightness and contrast brings out details that you may not have discovered on the original.
Thehigh resolution of the PDF-S 240 SE of 1800 dpi, interpolated even up to 2400 dpi, also allows you to expose the scan data in significantly larger formats than the often very small historical originals. Scan your ancestral gallery large enough for today's picture frames or share the pictures with relatives and friends online.

Anwendungsbeispiel Diafilmscanner PDF-S 240 SE von Rollei

Multiscanner for photos and films

With theRollei PDF-S 240 SE get onemultifunctional scannerwho can switch between reflected light mode for Photos up to an image size of 13 x 18 cm – and so for transmitted light Negative as well as framed slides and slide film strips – can switch. So you're for themDigitize your entire analog archive good equiped. The exposure takes place automatically, but can be adjusted individually if necessary.
Pure white LEDs ensure true color reproduction, both in incident and transmitted light mode. A connection of theRollei PDF-S 240 SE photo and slide film scanners a computer is not essential for your scans. Simply check the results on the integrated 2.4-inch TFT color display and save the scan data on your SD, SDHC or MMC card, for which the device has a slot.


Video instructions for setting up the photo and slide scanner:



  • 5.1 megapixel multi scanner for slides, negatives and photos
  • Photo sizes: 9x13 cm, 10x15 cm and 13x18 cm
  • Simple handling and scanning process in seconds
  • Scan pictures without a computer
  • 2-in-1 memory card slot SD / SDHC / MMCC)
  • 6.1 cm 2.4 TFT-LCD color monitortor
  • Mini USB 2.0 port
  • Scan quality photo: Up to 2592x1.850 13x18cm photo, 1800 dpii)
  • Scan quality slide / negative: 2.760x1.840 1800 dpii)
  • Holder for negatives, holder for slides and 4-in-1 holder for photos 13x18 cm, 10x15 cmm)
Technical specifications
Light source: 7x 2 white LED backlight 3 white LEDED)
Scanning method: Single pass
Color depth: 24 bit
Scan quality:
1,800 dpi
Color matching:
Exposure control:
automatic and manual exposure adjustment
Memory card slot:
Memory card slot SD / SDHC / MMCC)
Resolution: 1800 dpi: Photo: 2592x1728 10x15 cm and 9x13 cm, 2592x1850 13x18 cm slide / negative: 2760x1840x1840

2400 dpi: Photo: 3648x2432 10x15 cm and 9x13 cm, 3648x2604 13x18 cm / interpolated slide / negative: 3900x2600 interpolatedoliert)
LC display:
2.4 "color TFT LCDD)
Power supply: Mains connection with USB adapter
Connections: Mini USB 2.0
Focus area: Foco fijo
Dimensions: 208 x 220 x 147 mm
Weight: 890 g

scope of delivery
  • PDF-S 240 SE scanner
  • Holder for negatives
  • Holder for slides
  • Holder for photos
  • Power cord
  • manual