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    4 products

    The iFootage Slider - more precise recordings than ever

    When filming a b-roll or a filmic description of an object, it is about precision and evenness. Although many modern digital cameras are now equipped with optical stabilizers in the camera housing or in the lens, this is by far not enough to be able to film professional scenes by hand.

    A slider for DSLR + DSLM + smartphones is one of the most versatile means to reach the next level in your own cinematic work. In connection with different focal lengths, groundbreaking setting angles can be achieved with almost any camera, regardless of whether it is a classic digital SLR camera, system camera or even a smartphone.

    For incomparably gentle tracking shots

    Motion control, i.e. the precise control of the camera during dynamic recordings, has always played a major role for filmmakers. A camera slider is the first choice for professionals when it comes to achieving the best possible result while creating the video material. The advantage of the slider is that the acceleration of the moving camera and the speed of the tracking shot are even. As a result, the viewer follows the image more easily than when panning the camera, for example. In addition, it is easier for filmmakers to integrate movement into the image structure and to coordinate the process within a scene.

    The motorized camera slider

    If the camera slider is electric, this means a number of great advantages for the user. The slider can easily be controlled remotely or precisely programmed before filming a scene. The slider with its built-in motor is particularly practical if the operator would disturb the image structure or if the space in confined spaces is to be used to the full. Even if the camera slider is cheap in the Rollei shop, it offers maximum robustness. It is easy to use and impresses with its modular structure. This means that it can be integrated into the existing equipment without any problems. The well thought-out construction is also so innovatively designed that it is transportable and light despite its large range of functions. This is of particular benefit to filmmakers if recordings are planned for the customer or on-location.

    The modern camera slide runs smoothly and requires little maintenancem

    In addition to wireless control, the camera sliders offer a variety of other practical features. By using carbon, for example, a particularly low weight is achieved. By using the innovative and lightweight material, which is also known from racing and even space travel, the greatest possible robustness and stability can be achieved. Even with fast tracking shots, the modular structure and the use of resilient straps ensure that every scene ends up perfectly in the box.

    Can be used in any weather and can be expanded seamlessly

    All parts of the camera slides are designed in such a way that they can easily be used in cold or rainy weather. This is particularly useful in connection with the increasingly popular weatherproof cameras, which also allow amateurs and amateur filmmakers to capture spectacular things outdoors or in the wild. If the length of the slide is not sufficient, it can be extended seamlessly. The conversion, including the flywheel and belt, is done in a short time and with just a few simple steps.

    The versatile usability of the camera slider summarized:

    - professional and consistent recordings
    - creative tracking shots indoors and outdoors
    - resilient, stable and modular in structure
    - problem-free and seamlessly expandable
    - small pack size and low weight
    - low-wear and low-maintenance parts