Camera crane

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    1 product

    The camera crane - a must for more reach
    If filmmakers want to shoot high, they need a camera crane. With the IFOOTAGE MINI CRANE M1 III it is possible to shoot creative and professional scenes with a small budget. When filming, the camera work is one of the main elements. An inexpensive mini crane significantly expands your own repertoire and not only gives exciting scenes from the script more vigor thanks to new setting angles, but also provides the final touches to the cinematic material in reports, documentaries or interviews.

    Robust and resilient, it can be used in the studio or outdoors

    Filmmakers' equipment must be robust and easy to transport at the same time. Thanks to its innovative design, the mini crane weighs just 3.8 kilograms and allows all camera settings and tracking shots that are otherwise only possible with a much heavier device. However, the low weight of the camera crane does not detract from the load-bearing capacity and the possibilities for use with a wide variety of cameras. With a maximum load of 15 kilograms, filmmakers can safely use professional cine cameras or assemblies with rigs.

    Protection for expensive equipment and uniquely gentle tracking shots

    Professional equipment results in high quality and consistent recordings. Especially when high camera shots are to be used in a film, there is hardly a way around the mini crane. Even at lofty heights, from a bird's eye view, the small camera crane allows full control over the scene.
    Even when used when fully extended, the camera crane guarantees safe and smooth work. The well thought-out aluminum and carbon construction and the damping function for controlled tilting movements are responsible for this. This guarantees that movement can be maintained at the same time and thus ensures a calmer image, which also means less time is required for digital post-processing.

    Variable and combinable

    With its load capacity of 15 kg, filmmakers use the camera crane for all kinds of productions. An additional advantage of the mini crane is that it can be combined with a variety of tripods. This is made possible by the supplied 1/4 "to 3/8" adapter. This means that the user is free to choose which type of tripod is to be used. Light stands, for example, are conceivable, and mobile versions are also not a problem.

    The waterbag for a simplified operation

    In order to be able to move the camera, attached to the mini crane, even more easily, it is advisable to attach a correspondingly heavy counterweight. This is particularly easy with the special waterbag. This has the perfect fit and can be attached to the camera crane in just a few simple steps. The waterbag can be filled with water or with sand. This is particularly flexible, because filmmakers want to work with lighter or heavier equipment, the counterweight can be adjusted accordingly in a few minutes.

    - Thanks to the bag supplied and the low weight, the camera crane is easy to transport
    - Robust aluminum and light carbon ensure maximum resilience
    - The integrated damping function enables particularly smooth camera pans and at the same time offers the devices used the necessary protection
    - Despite a low purchase price, filmmakers create video material from completely new perspectives with the minikram
    - Can be used practically with any type of (semi-) professional film camera or camcorder