Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M
Lumen Flex M

Lumen Flex M


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Testsiegel Fototest Lumen Flex M

Lumen Flex M Anwendungsfoto Dauerlicht

You can already see it in our picture: That Lumen Flex M doesn't bear his name for nothing. You can Steady light Bend exactly as required by your subject without any problems. A circumstance that allows extremely diverse photo ideas. Get creative!

Lumen Flex M Anwendungsfoto für das flexible LED Dauerlicht

At the corners of the Steady light brackets are attached with an elastic band so that the structure of the Flex M goes particularly quickly.

Simply put the light on its four corner brackets using ours X-mounts attach. These are four X-shaped struts that find space in the corner brackets during assembly. You can think of the X-Mount as an attachment that you come with Spigot connection on their Lamp tripod attach. So simple, so practical..

Flexibles LED Dauerlicht mit 480 LEDs

But you can also do this with the Velcro edge on the long sides of the light Flex M attach. Of course, you can also use clamps to attach it to objects that allow this. So you are flexible with the Lighting and can attach it almost anywhere.
Providing the right light overall 480 LEDsthat are in ever 240 white or warm light LEDs split up. You want a very specific tone for your motif No problem, you can simply mix your light in one according to your wishesem Color temperature range between 3000 - 5500 K.

Lumen Flex M - Dauerlicht mit einem Gewicht von nur 472 g

A big advantage of the Lumen Flex M is that low weight of 472 grams. This allows you to easily carry it to the scene of the action without having to physically struggle. Of course, you can also roll it up compactly or bend it for transport and pack it in the case without it taking up too much space.

Lumen Flex M Anwendungsfoto für das flexible LED Dauerlicht

Lumen Flex M Anwendungsfoto für das flexible LED Dauerlicht

A particular advantage is that you can make all your settings not only with the controller that is attached to the Lumen Flex. Because you can easily do it with our Lumen app make. Stick with your subject if you want to change the light settings. Your smartphone is your remote control.

Stromversorgung per Akku mit dem Lumen Flex Battery Connector

Nutzung per Lumen App zur Steuerung per Smartphone


  • Versatile application: Due to its low weight and flexibility, the Lumen Flex M can be easily attached where it is needed
  • Bright: 480 LED lamps, each with 240 white and warm light LEDs, with 3400 lux 0.5m provide sufficient power for every lighting situationon
  • Lumen app: The Lumen Flex is also compatible with the Rollei Lumen app. Group our products and control brightness & amp; Color temperature conveniently via smartphone
  • X-Mount: The X-Mount included in the scope of delivery enables mounting on both lamp tripods and regular tripods.


Technical specifications
Power: 35 W
Lux: 3004 lux / 0.5 m
Energy efficiency class: Energie A+
Spectrum: A -D -D
Color temperature: 3000 - 5500 K
Color rendering index CRI:): 95+
Total number of LEDs:): 480
Number of LED white light: 240
Number of LED warm light: 240
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Frequency band: 2.400 GHz 2.480 GHzz
Max. Radiated transmission power: 8dBm
Dimensions:  approx. 33.5 x 66.5 cm
Weight: 472 g Lumen Flex onlyx)
Power supply: AC / DC input 24 V / 3 A
Connections: Spigot / 1/4 inch thread



scope of delivery
  • 1x LED light
  • 1x diffuser
  • 1x X-mount
  • 1x controller
  • 1x controller holder
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x bag