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Rollei microphones for the best sound

External microphones are becoming more and more popular as more and more people record their videos with cell phones and cameras. This is why we at Rollei offer our Hear:Me product line. Microphones for smartphones and DSLM / DSLR, which provide excellent sound quality.

Polar pattern of a hypercardioid

Our Hear:Me Pro, for example, is a directional microphone with the directional characteristic of a hypercardioid. This means that the center of gravity of the recording is right at the front. Noise is suppressed at the rear left and right of the microphone, but the sound from the rear is not completely suppressed. It is therefore ideal for voice recordings.

Hear:Me Mini - the little helper in your pocket

With our Hear:Me Mini, you get a powerful cardioid-style microphone that you can easily take anywhere without sacrificing excellent audio. Cardioid means, for example, that a voice can be heard particularly well from the front. However, if the incoming sound comes from the rear, it is hardly audible.