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7 products

Mini tripods for SLR and system cameras: high-quality table and clamp tripods from Rollei

Handy mini tripods for DSLR cameras and DSLM system cameras are a must for anyone who likes to take spontaneous photos and snapshots. Because they can be reduced to such a small size that they fit comfortably in any handbag and can be taken anywhere.

Although the table tripods and innovative clamp tripods cannot be compared to classic tripods in terms of functionality, they are still very versatile. However, they offer much more safety when taking pictures than if you had to work with your bare hand.

Practical table tripod: order cheap at Online Shop

Thanks to Rollei mini tripods, you benefit from the possibility of bracketing, more orderly image formation and efficient protection against blur and camera shake, but unlike normal tripods, you can take it with you wherever you go much more easily. 

Tabletop tripods enable you to take panoramic and long-time-exposure shots in particular, without the image quality and sharpness suffering from camera shake. Especially long time exposure is practically impossible to realize freehand for a certain length of time and this is exactly where the support of one of our mini tripods comes in handy. Thanks to its compact and stable design, you can also place it optimally on walls or similar surfaces to create sharp and wobble-free panoramic shots.

The main advantages of our table tripods:

  • Practical handbag format
  • Available for smartphones, photo and video cameras DSLR and DSLM
  • Comparatively favorable purchase price
  • Perfect as a second and portable tripod
  • small pack size and low transport weight
  • made of ultra-light Carbon manufactured