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    6 products

    The Desview Field monitors

    Forget about the tiny display on your DSLR or DSLM camera. Forget about low resolutions, poor clarity and missing touch displays. Because now the new Desview field monitors are here.

    It is important to see what you have in front of the lens at all times. With the new analysis function, you can now see what you are recording at the same time. With waveform, histogram and vectorscope, you maintain complete control over your image at all times. You can even switch between the different options with a single touch while you're shooting.


    In contrast to conventional devices that are controlled with keys, the Desview monitors have a touch display. This makes it very easy to make all settings with your finger. A simple tap on the screen is enough to get an overview of the settings and functions of the OSD menu.

    Full Waveform

    Desview's R7 monitor is equipped with many professional software features, such as 3D LUT, Waveform (monitoring of exposure) and Vectorscope (monitoring of signal amplitude). With the 3D-LUT tools for professional color correction, color calibration becomes easier and more intuitive. A USB stick is available for general software upgrades and for loading up to 28 groups of LUT files.