Rollei Filter Astroklar Rechteckfilter - Nachtlicht Filter 150 mm
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rechteckfilter - Nachtlicht Filter 150 mm
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rechteckfilter - Nachtlicht Filter 150 mm
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rechteckfilter - Nachtlicht Filter 150 mm
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rechteckfilter - Nachtlicht Filter 150 mm
Rollei 26335

Astroklar rectangular filter - night light filter 150 mm

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Scientific celestial telescopes are located on islands or in sparsely populated regions for a reason. The steadily increasing light emission from cities and metropolitan areas, also calledLight smog or light pollution called, makes the observation and photography of stars or other celestial objects extremely difficult. The uncomfortable veil also interferes with "normal" night shots and city panoramas. DSLR and DSLM photographers are availableReducing the effects of light pollution now the new RolleiAstroklar night light filter to disposal. The artificial light sources that cause the greatest light pollution are sodium vapor lamps with a light wavelength of approx. 590 nm and mercury vapor lamps with a light wavelength of 545 nm and 580 nm their surroundings.and.

Less light smog, more detail and clarity

A special coating removes most of the yellow and orange light waves from the lightwhich are largely responsible for the annoying light curtain. Above all, not only images of the night sky and the stars gain significantly in contrast and clarity, the advantages of this high-quality special rectangular filter, which can be used both in150mm as well as 100mm width is available now. With architectural or long-term exposures in an urban environment, even filigree structures and contrasts are retained in the motif and no longer "tear out". Due to the extensive filtering of the warmer light components, your recordings will generally be a bit cooler, so always carry out a manual white balance and choose oneColor temperature between 700 K and 1,500 K K of the spectrum without a filter insert to ensure the color authenticity of your images.

Best optical glass, double-sided nano-coating

So that you can use your Rollei Astroklar filter even in demanding projects and under adverse weather conditions, the high-quality optical glasses are treated with a special nano-coating on both sides. This additional protective layer not only reliably prevents reflections from uncontrollable light sources, which are particularly annoying when shooting at night, but also has a strong water, oil and dirt repellent effect. The cleaning of your Astroklar rectangular filter becomes child's play if at all necessary. The light transmission when using the Astroklar filter is reduced by a 2/3 stop or f-stop. We generally recommend not only when combining with other filters such ase Gray filters,Polarizing filters andGraduated gray filters in the filter holder, the use of aTripod and / or oneRemote release.

  • Effectively reduces light pollution in the dark
  • Made from high quality optical glass
  • Double-sided nano-coating
  • Prevents reflections
  • Water, oil and dirt repellent
  • Neutral behavior in the IR light range
Technical specifications
150 mm
Compatibility: 150 mm rectangular filter system
Product line: Astro-clear
Material glass:
High quality optical glass with double-sided nano-coating
scope of delivery
  • 1x Astroklar filter
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