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F:X PRO modular filter system
Save up to € 50 per filter
More filters - save more! From 2 pcs. F:X Pro filter there is a 25 € discount per filter. From 3 filters each 50 € discount. The discount will be deducted in the shopping cart! Only valid for F:X Pro rectangular filters.
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2 products

2 products

F:X Pro Photo Filters for Plug-In Filter System - Gorilla Glass & Luminance coating

The photo rectangular filters of the F:X Pro series from Rollei are even suitable for cameras with a resolution of 150 megapixels. The filters guarantee a maximum colour fidelity without colour cast and are also coated several times with the so-called luminance coating, which is also dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant. Our filters are suitable for 100mm and 150mm and are available as grey filters and grey gradient filters made of Gorilla®* glass in the formats 100mm x 150mm and 150mm x 200mm. The robust, translucent and distortion-free filter glass is regularly tested for its high quality by our strict quality assurance and the company's own laboratory. In short: they are the best filters we have ever built.

Why buy F:X Pro Series Grey Filters & Gray Level Filters?

Photo filters such as our F:X Pro GND filters and ND filters for insertion into the filter holder allow for adaptation to all conditions and lighting and give professional and amateur photographers alike the feeling of unique image composition that cannot replace post-processing of RAW files.

Our plug-in filters also have other advantages:

  • They are suitable for several types of lenses, including ultra-wide-angle lenses
  • You prevent vignetting
  • Plug-in filter offer more combination options than screw filters
  • Plug-in filters can be essentialchanged faster are used as screw filters - this enables more dynamics and flexibility when adapting to changing light conditions, e.g. when recording sunrise or sunset
  • Graduated gray filter for filter holders allow an exact adaptation to the respectiveHorizon lineby sliding them up or down. Because with many motifs this is not in the middle. Round filters, however, always have the horizon line in the middle and this cannot be moved


*Gorilla is a registered trademark of Corning Inc..