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6 products

The ND filter / neutral density filter F: X Pro & Premium

By reducing the amount of light that hits your camera's sensor, you can extend the shutter speed and achieve open-aperture photography during the day.

This can be used in architectural photography, for example, to filter out people, or to make water surfaces appear velvety soft. For this you need filter glass with a uniform grey tint, which thanks to a special neutral grey tint can guarantee colour neutrality and at the same time reduce the amount of light over the entire surface.

Grey filters, also known as neutral density filters (ND), are available in various thicknesses and series. They differ in how much they reduce the amount of light and whether they are purchased for filter holders or as viewing filters. In terms of strength, they are also referred to as F-stop reduction or f-stops. If, for example, you would reach the brightness limit with one second exposure time without a filter, you could expose twice as long with an ND2 filter. So a two second longer exposure with the same aperture and ISO value.

An exact calculation of the exposure time can be made with the ND calculator of the photo app Rolleimoments.

The filters are named after the so-called ND strength, i.e. ND8, ND64, ND1000 etc. The higher this value, the longer the possible exposure time in daylight. Without neutral grey filters, shutter speeds of several seconds with open aperture would result in completely white images, as this would lead to overexposure.

ND filters are suitable for:

  • Long exposure in daylight without overexposure
  • Larger apertures without affecting the color of the image
  • Velvety-soft water surfaces, clouds or filtering out people in architectural photos