Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8
Rollei Filter Premium Rundfilter Graufilter ND8

Premium round filter neutral density filter ND8


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ND filter / neutral density filter like this 49mm ND filter of strength ND8 (3 stops / 0.9) are e.g. used by nature and landscape photographers to be able to extend the exposure time. Helpful to remove people and cars in front of structures when they want to take architectural photos in busy city centers. As a moderate neutral gray filter, the Rollei extends Premium round filter ND8 the possible exposure time by three f-stops and is a good basis for different photo ideas. This is done by ND filters neutral gray tint of the filter glass, which reduces the amount of light falling on the camera's sensor. Depending on the ND strength, you can take long exposure times in daylight or with an open aperture in backlight. This offers itself in landscape photography, among others. also when you want to photograph flowing water with a velvety surface and flowing movement. It is called because of the color of the filter glass Premium ND filter by the way too neutral density filter.

Gorilla glass protects the 49mm ND8 Premium filter from rough treatment

The Rollei Premium 49mm ND8 filter consists of the special resistant gorilla glass from the American supplier Corning Inc. The glass blanks are exposed to an extremely hot alkaline solution, which ensures ion exchange at the molecular level. The surface tension of the glasses is increased and insensitive to mechanical influences, weather influences or pressure. Even if the surface of the glass is damaged, there is no risk of further material splintering, the scratch does not spread. You can also use the compact and round camera filters because they are convenient and safe transport in one of our camera backpacks to protect.

Multiple Compensation & quality control with high demands

After a further special coating of the filter glass, the in-house developed oneLuminance coating, the filter surface has a kind of protective shield against oil, water and dirt and, thanks to the final anti-scratch layer, gains enormous resistance to mechanical loads. The high light permeability and outstanding color neutrality are maintained by the luminance coating, and distortions and reflections are also effectively prevented. The best prerequisites for securing the optical characteristics of the original motif in their purest form. In order to be able to guarantee these unique visual and material properties, Rollei has introduced a particularly strict quality management system. Rollei Premium ND8 round filters have been meticulously checked several times, and the Rollei filter experts have precisely defined each subsequent production step during development. Of ther Premium ND8 filter is available in the nine most popular lens diameters from 49 to 82 mm. By the way, neutral density filters work well with the Polarizing filters and Graduated gray filters combine.

  • Gorilla glass: extremely robust, hard-wearing, high light transmission, no optical distortiong
  • Luminance Coating: highest color fidelity, lowest reflections, scratch-resistant coating
  • Engineered & quality controlled In Germany: tight technical specifications, individual quality check
  • ND filter is the abbreviation for neutral density filter
  • An ND filter darkens the subject by several light values and thus prevents overexposed images
  • Common uses for ND filters are e.g. Recordings of wipe effects or of flowing water
Technical specifications
Available sizes: 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm, 82 mm
ND strength: ND8 (3 stops)
Product line: Premium
Material frame:
Aluminum ring
Material glass:
Gorilla glass
Scope of delivery
  • 1x Rollei Premium round filter ND 8