Circular Filter

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1 product

Rollei Premium and Extremium circular filters

In addition to professional rectangular filters, Rollei naturally also offers high-quality round filters in a wide variety of designs and in the most common lens diameters from 49 to 82 mm for flexible mounting. Depending on the intended use, you can choose from two current product families:

Rollei Premium circular filters

The new Rollei premium circular filters are made of the incredibly resistant Gorilla®* glass from the traditional American manufacturer Corning Inc. A hot bath in an alkaline liquid exchanges the ions at the molecular level and significantly increases the surface tension. The Premium Filters are also given the special Luminance Coating to ensure a very high degree of colour neutrality while maintaining the excellent light transmission and successfully preventing unwanted reflections and mirroring. The Rollei Premium line includes ND filters in three different intensities, CPL polarizing filters and protective UV filters.

Rollei Extremium round filters

Our extreme circular filters are also made of the best Gorilla®* glass, which, with the Luminance Coating developed especially for Rollei, guarantees maximum light transmission, exemplary colour neutrality and effective protection against reflections and mirroring even under the most adverse conditions. The Extremium line has also been equipped with filter rings made of 100 % titanium in order to exclude negative influences on the dimensional stability even at extremely fluctuating ambient temperatures.

*Gorilla® is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.