Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei Licht Klick-Beauty-Dish mit Grid
Rollei 28165

Click beauty dish with grid

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Klick Beauty Dish mit Grid 

Beauty dish for LED permanent lights or studio flashes with Bowens S-Type bayonet

Our new Click light shaper series is the ideal accent light for fashion, portrait and fashion shots. The construction is absolutely easy because the Beauty dishes have a click mechanism. Tighten the rods until they click into place, and you're done! The Beauty dishes in two sizes also come with a grid that directs the light even more precisely onto the subject.


Beauty Dish mit Innen- und Außendiffusor sowie Grid


Harder, high-contrast light with stronger shadows comes from the silver inside of theLight shaper without diffuser. Soft, scattered light is available with the translucent diffusers, which are easily attached to theBeauty dishes are to be assembled. The inner diffuser reduces the creation of a brighter area of light in the center of the image (hotspot). The outside diffuser creates an enlarged light area and fans out the light further, making it softer.


 Der Beauty Dish ist einfach und schnell aufzubauen


With your Bowens S-Type bayonet fit the Beauty dishes to many Studio flashes and LED permanent lights . For the perfect alignment of the Light shaper the speed ring can be rotated 360 degrees.

In the closed state they are Beauty dishes slim and take up little space. They are therefore suitable for mobile use and can be taken with you to all shootings with the included transport bag.

Beauty Dish mit Grid zur präzisen Ausleuchtung


Easy assembly of the Klick Beauty Dish

Step 1 - Engage the linkage

Aufbau Striplight - Step 01

Step 2 - Bring the beauty dish into shape

Aufbau des Striplights - Step 02

Simply fold up the Klick Beauty Dish

Einfacher Abbau des Klick Striplights von Rollei

  • Beauty dish-like light characteristics
  • Easy to open using the click mechanism
  • Silver inner coating for soft, high-contrast light
  • Inner and front diffuser for softer, less reflective light
  • Grid / honeycomb for soft, more directed light
  • 16 struts result in an almost round shape
  • Natural eye reflexes in portraits
  • Bowens S-type bayonet
  • Space-saving storage
  • Available in sizes 65 cm or 85 cm
Technical specifications
Shape: Hexagonal (hexadecagonal)
Colour: Silver (inside), black (outside)
Available sizes: 65 cm or 85 cm in diameter
Depth: 29 cm (at 65 cm)
33 cm (at 85 cm)
Arc length: 39 cm (at 65 cm)
49 cm (at 85 cm)
Pack size: 40 x 19 x 19 cm (at 65 cm)
50 x 19 x 19 cm (at 85 cm)
Foldable: Click mechanism of the bars
Rotatable: 360°
Diffuser: Outside, inside (white)
Connection: Bowens S-type bayonet
Weight: 1.6 kg (at 65 cm)
1.9 kg (at 85 cm)
scope of delivery
  • 1x click Beauty Dish
  • 1x inner diffuser
  • 1x front diffuser
  • 1x grid
  • 1x transport bag

Note: The studio flash shown is not included in the scope of delivery.

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