Soluna series

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    12 products

    The Soluna series - powerful permanent lights

    Continuous light is becoming increasingly important in videography and photography. This is mainly possible thanks to the use of powerful and, at the same time, energy-saving LEDs. These are not only far brighter than conventional permanent lights, but also far more constant in their light reproduction.

    The Soluna series is the right choice for videographers who value uncompromising performance, variability and at the same time robustness and easy transport. Regardless of whether in the studio or on location, with a continuous LED light of the latest generation it is possible to illuminate even large scenes correctly and creatively in no time at all. The possibility of operating the lights of the Soluna series using innovative batteries makes them perfect for mobile applications and spontaneous video shoots or photo shoots.

    What does the color rendering index CRI mean?

    The CRI or the Color Rendering Index is a value that indicates how accurately colors are reproduced under the light emitted. With the Soluna series, this index is surprisingly high, which means that you can absolutely rely on the set Kelvin values when choosing the color temperature. This is important when combining recordings in different locations in post-production. The colors remain the same and the scenes, for example in a film, merge seamlessly into one another.

    Users are also wondering what TLCI or Television Lighting Consistency Index means. This index is an even more precise determination of color fidelity, which only became necessary with digital technology and the use of LEDs. The spectrum of the emitted light is measured using a complex algorithm to determine whether color correction is necessary or not. Since the cold white LEDs and the warm white LEDs in the Soluna series are perfectly matched to each other, a TLCI value is achieved that comes very close to the perfect result of 100. A subsequent correction of the colors is therefore not necessary when using the permanent lights..

    Endless combination possibilities thanks to Bowens S-Type

    With a good light source, photographers and videographers attempt to imitate daylight as perfectly as possible. The right light shapers are required so that certain lighting moods can be recreated. Only these show the diversity of the Soluna series. The numerous combinations, for example with softboxes, octaboxes, strips, beauty dishes and much more are made possible by the Bowens S-Type bayonet. This is the most common bayonet for light shapers and has been used for decades for studio flashes or corresponding permanent lights.

    Simple operation according to your own requirements

    The simple and quick operation is one of the core elements of the permanent lights from the Soluna series. Depending on the model, the permanent light is equipped with a control box that allows changes to be made to the settings even when the light is at great heights or, thanks to the U-bracket, is attached to the ceiling of a studio. However, it is even easier to control using the Soluna Remote Control. 32 channels in up to 16 groups can thus be controlled with a single remote control and ensure that photographers and videographers never lose track of things, even with complex lighting setups.

    Another option for controlling the light intensity, the individual modes and the color temperature is the Rollei app, which impresses with a range of up to 15 meters.

    Immediately ready for use and quickly set up

    All permanent lights are equipped with a standard reflector. All you need is a suitable light tripod to start shooting or video shooting. If you want to use the permanent lights independently of the power supply, you can use a V-mount battery, which enables long and intensive work thanks to the low energy consumption of the LEDs.

    - Mains and battery operation possible
    - Bowens S-Type bayonet
    - energy-saving and powerful
    - Easy to use thanks to the control box, remote control or app
    - high color fidelity