F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit
F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit

F:X Pro Ultimate Filter Kit


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In our series Q: X Pro we have put together a kit for you that can easily be described as the tool case among filter kits. It has everything Landscape photographers needed. From ND filter about various Graduated filter up to Night light filter .

The set is based on the Rollei filter holder , which consists of precisely milled aviation aluminum and has three spring-loaded mounting rails for Rectangular filter as well as a base ring 82 millimeters. You can in addition to the enclosedm Polarizing filter use up to three square filters at the same time.

CPL polarizing filter included

You will also find ours in the set Q: X One circular polarizing filter per CPLr . Basically, a CPL enhances colors and contrasts reflections / reflections are filtered out. Thanks to our extremely fine luminance coating, its freedom from reflections is 99.5 percent, which guarantees you razor-sharp images even with high-end cameras with 150 MP. The color fidelity is exemplary: just capture your surroundings as the human eye sees them.eht.

GND filter for optimal exposure in every situation

So that you are really prepared for any situation are ours Ultimate filter kit also GND-8 filter ready for you. GND stands for graduated neutral density, which means a filter with a transition from tint to transparency.

One GND is used for motifs in which the brightness ratios are very different and therefore require an aid such as a filter for an evenly exposed image. Ideal locations for Graduated filter are, for example, mountain landscapes, forests and valleys, photography at sunrise and sunset, i.e. always where light conditions ensure that the foreground of the image appears darker than the background or vice versa.

These GNDs are in the set:

  • Soft GND 8 soft transitiong)
  • Medium GND 8 medium strong transition  
  • Hard GND 8 hard transitiong)
  • Reverse GND 8 Reversed transition from the center to the top edged)
  • Center GND 8 transition from the center, tapering to both sidesn)

Also includes ND filters in the equipment

To a good one Filter set ND filters are of course also included. The job of ND filters is to reduce the light falling on your camera sensor.

For this you need ND filters:

  • Representation of movements through longer exposure times
  • Removal of moving objects from the picture
  • Highlight the subject by blurring the background
  • Increasing the aperture - reducing the depth of field

The set is different ND filter with different intensities and stops at. A stop means that the amount of light falling on the sensor is reduced by one f-stop at a time. This enables you to take magically drawn images with longer exposure times even in sunshine. Moving elements of your composition can be blurred, for example, which when taking a picture of a river ensures that the water looks silky, but larger stones in the river are sharply drawn because they are not moving. You want to photograph a tourist attraction, but preferably without people in the picture. That too is with youm ND filter no problem. The long exposure ultimately only leaves the immobile architecture in the picture.

These ND filters are in the set:

  • 100 mm ND 8 3 stops / 0.99)
  • 100 mm ND 64 6 stops / 1.88)
  • 100 mm ND 1000 10 stops / 33)

They are not only active during the day, but also at night?

In that case, we still have ours Astroklar filter (100 millimeters with ins Kit laid, which effectively the Reduced light pollution in the dark . Light pollution emanating from big cities means that a clear view of the stars is often not possible. Of the Rollei Astroklar filter provides more contrast and clarity and largely reduces the yellow and orange components of the light so that even difficult structures and transitions can be displayed.

  • Ultimate filter set for every lighting situation
  • Pin sharp images - even with 150 MP high-end cameras
  • Exemplary color accuracy
  • Clear images thanks to approx. 99.5 percent freedom from reflection
  • Extremely hard surface coating for optimal protection
  • Extremely temperature resistant
  • Original Gorilla Glasss
Technical specifications
Compatibility: 100 mm rectangular filter system
Product line: Q: X Pro rectangular filter

Filter Gorilla Glassas

Holder aluminumm

scope of delivery
  • 1x filter holder with 7 adapter rings and 1 CPL filter
  • 1x soft GND8
  • 1x medium GND8
  • 1x hard GND8
  • 1x reverse GND8
  • 1x center GND8
  • 1x ND8
  • 1x ND64
  • 1x ND1000
  • 1x Astroklar filter
  • 1x filter bag