Rollei Video Hear:Me Pro - Mikrofon
Rollei Video Hear:Me Pro - Mikrofon
Rollei Video Hear:Me Pro - Mikrofon
Rollei Video Hear:Me Pro - Mikrofon
Rollei Video Hear:Me Pro - Mikrofon
Rollei Video Hear:Me Pro - Mikrofon

Hear:Me Pro microphone


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Our Hear: Me Pro microphone has itDirectional characteristic of the hypercardioide“, which means that the sound is picked up at the front and the sides are attenuated even more. If you find sound conditions that do not meet your requirements, our Pro is with one for this casePossibility of correction fitted. She allows you thatAdjust volume by 20 or -10 decibelsn, which avoids the problem that some cameras record the sound a little too quietly or too loudly. Additionally there is also aHigh pass filter integrated, eliminating disruptiveBackground noise actively filtered out will.

Unlike other providers, we also have thenecessary cables TRS and TRRSS) that you need to connect your new device to your smartphone and DSLR camera. The microphone is powered by two AAA batteries. Every videographer knows the fear of the empty microphone battery and the associated missing audio track. You can safely forget this fear with our Hear: Me Pro. Because as soon as you switch on the device, one lights up continuouslygreen LEDso that you can use theactive operating state can see at any time.

For the necessary sound quality without background noise, our set also includes aPop screen and aWindbreak (dead cat, which many other vendors sell separately..

What makes the Rollei Hear: Me Pro stand out: It comes with one1/4 inch threadso that you can easily mount the microphone anywhere. To prevent interference, we have also made sure that the bracket of the Hear: Me Pro can swing. In summary, you get a durable, versatile microphone with excellent sound quality.

  • The new Rollei Hear: Me Pro is an extremely light video microphone ideal for vloggers and Youtubers with a weight of only 89 grams.
  • The microphone guarantees perfect voice recordings thanks to the hypercardioid pattern and 20db correction..
  • The integrated oscillation compensation reduces disturbing noises caused by movements. The Rollei Hear: Me Pro is easy to use and quickly attached to the camera.
  • 3.5mm jack plug for connection to smartphones and DSLR / DSLM cameras. Power supply via 2 x AAA batteries.
Technical specifications
Directional characteristic: Hypercardioid
Transmission range:
40 Hz 20 kHzz
Output impedance: 2.2 kO
Limit sound pressure level: & gt; 100 dB
Sensitivity: +20 dB: 18 dB 2 dB 0 dB: 38 dB 2 dB 10 dB: 48 dB 2 dB dB ±2 dB
Power supply: 2x AAA batteries
Connection: 3.5 mm jack
scope of delivery
  • 1x microphone
  • 1x windbreak
  • 1x connection cable