Rollei Video Desview R7 Plus 7" - Touch Screen Monitor
Rollei Video Desview R7 Plus 7" - Touch Screen Monitor
Rollei Video Desview R7 Plus 7" - Touch Screen Monitor
Desview R7 Plus 7"touch screen monitor
Rollei Video Desview R7 Plus 7" - Touch Screen Monitor
Rollei Video Desview R7 Plus 7" - Touch Screen Monitor
Rollei Video Desview R7 Plus 7" - Touch Screen Monitor
Desview R7 Plus 7"touch screen monitor

Desview R7 Plus 7"touch screen monitor


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If you have found the built-in screen of your camera far too often too small, the days of small screens with the new field screens from Desview are now over for good. They come in two sizes, with the R7 Plus monitor measuring 7 inches and its smaller brother the S6 Plus 5.5 inches.l.

Both have full HD resolution, a hot shoe mount and ¼ thread for tripods and can be attached directly to the camera, which is possible horizontally and vertically through connections at the bottom and on the side. They also have an HDMI in and out so that you can play videos in 4K, for example from your camera, through the monitor on another device.n.

The field screens ensure that what reaches your sensor is also reproduced on the monitor with high brightness and fantastic resolution. This enables you to see what you have photographed and filmed, or will continue to do so, even in strong sunlight. So you get an even better overview of your composition.

1500 Nits für eine klare Darstellung bei Tageslicht

Both monitors have touchscreens for easier operation. But they can also be operated with shortcuts buttons at the top of the screen so that you can easily click through your presets.n.

Suitable accessories

  • Sony battery F970: The battery for the S6 Plus and R7 Plus monitors has a running time of up to 1.5 hours and is recharged in approx. 3 hours.Click here for the battery & gt;
  • NP-F970 battery charger: The battery charger charges the battery for the two monitors S6 Plus and R7 Plus in approx. 3 hours.Click here for the charger & gt;

Functions of both screens

  • Zebra: This allows the viewer to see which areas are overexposed. You get a better overview of contours and light and dark areas.
  • False Color: (False color Means that overexposed areas can be displayed in dark red and thus corrected..
  • Center Cross center:): can be adjusted to better adjust aspect ratios.
  • Aspect ratio: This shows which area will be in the picture later. With video editing software you can later transfer the photo to format.
  • Safe Area: It shows which area is in the picture that absolutely has to be in the picture so that the photo can later be transferred to other formats.
  • Audio meter: It shows how strong the amplitude of the audio is and whether the device is recording at all.
  • Luts adjustable: With a USB stick, presets can easily be loaded onto the screen so that the Luts can be seen directly on the screen. Luts can be bought from successful content creators or videographers and then applied to your own images.
  • Image flip: The display can be flipped. Either horizontally or vertically. It can be rotated exactly how you want it to be.
  • Focus peaking: Sharpening and blurring are more visible in the image. The colors of the focus peaking can be set in four different colors: red, green, blue and gray. Intensities can be adjusted to different degrees.n.

Features that only the R7 Plus has

  • Waveform control of the luminance levels)
  • Grid division into individual image arease)
  • More space for tools and overviews
  • Space for histogram individually adjustable
  • Higher resolution
  • Sound reproduction
    • impressive 1500 nits brightness
    • Battery operation via Sony batteries possible
    • Ball head included for mounting on the camera
    • Touch display, 4K HDMI input and outputg)
    • 178 wide viewing anglel
    • Focus peaking, histogram, guide line displays
    • Audio display, vectorscope
    Technical specifications
    Screen size: 7 inch
    Dimensions: 149.76 x 93.6 mm
    Resolution: 1920 x 1200
    Brightness: 1500nits
    Viewing angle: 178°
    Backlight: LED
    Connections: HDMI 1.4 input / output, 3.5mm headphone jackss
    Material: plastic
    Input voltage: DC7-24V
    scope of delivery
    • 1x monitor
    • 1x Micro HDMI cable
    • 1x mini HDMI cable
    • 1x hot shoe mount
    • 1x U disk