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Rollei Flash Units & Accessories for Indoor and Outdoor Shoots

Even in radiant sunshine the naturally existing quantity of light is not always sufficient to implement your exact expectations and picture ideas as desired. Depending upon the location, plug-on flash devices or studio flash units are then used as an option. At night and in poorly lit areas there is rarely a credible alternative to the use of a flash device because your camera’s own flash is by no means sufficient. In addition, creative subject settings and shooting modes can be realised with studio flash units in combination with light shapers such as softboxes, beauty dishes & reflectors, as well as HSS & freeze flash modes The EasyCap mode is also a wonderful function for simple cropping in product photography.

Plug-on flash units for direct and indirect illumination

Of course you can mount Rollei’s plug-on flash units directly on your camera, in order to be able to flash while in motion and in surprising situations either frontally or with a “bank shot”. However, due to the sturdy feet provided, the flash devices can also be positioned at the back or to the sides and controlled remotely. Of course, the Rollei plug-on flash units have an infrared master-slave functionality and with the wireless flash releases, which are available as an option, you also bridge further distances and can combine several flashes in groups besides.  In comparison to conventional studio flash units, plug-on flash units have the advantage of being more convenient and practical to transport. However, for that reason, as a rule, they have a weaker wattage. That does not apply however to the new high-powered, rechargeable studio flash unit batteries of the HS Freeze series, which have a battery output that lasts through 500 flash releases and reaches a flash power, which, even in the case of outdoor shoots, also controls situations such as a wide aperture in daylight and many further unusual lighting conditions without any problem.

Mobile, high performance HS Freeze 4 & 6 rechargeable studio flash unit batteries

The HS Freeze professional studio flash unit range from Rollei opens up a mobility to you that has been hitherto completely unknown. Without synch or mains cables you position the flash heads on a lamp tripod, provide them with a softbox, a reflector or another light shaper and can start shooting immediately. Owing to the high-performance rechargeable batteries of our portable HS Freeze 4 and HS Freeze 6 studio flash units the annoying dependence of conventional studio flash equipment on the electricity mains and bulky accessories such as generators is not an issue. Also, in combination with a flash release, they work completely wirelessly and the stumbling blocks, with which we are familiar from the studio, belong in the past. The modular design of the HS Freeze flash devices enables you to exchange batteries, attachments, mains adaptors, flash tubes or protective glass in no time at all. All spare parts are available individually as a matter of convenience. In addition, the studio flash units have a Bowens connection so they are compatible also with already existing studio flash accessories such as softboxes, which you have already purchased. The numerous flash modes such as high speed synchronization, flashes on the 1st and 2nd shutter curtains and freeze mode make unique photos possible.

Diverse professional accessories for studio and outdoor use

However, the Rollei flash accessory line does not only comprise different lamp stands and Bowens-compatible flash and lamp solutions. Experienced photographers enhance their equipment with additional accessory and spare parts, car battery chargers, counterweights for boom stands, etc. The entire accessory line is in compliance with the strict Rollei quality criteria and was designed and manufactured specifically for challenging professional use.

Flash releases for more dynamics & creativity

Our wireless flash releases facilitate completely wireless and creative work. In addition, in combination with the Rollei app they provide a means of storing various settings (up to 15 “studios” and subject situations) on up to 16 channels and in 3 groups. So there is absolutely no more repetitive re-adjustment of recurring shooting situations indoors or outdoors. The various studio flash units and flash devices can thus be released comfortably and independently of one another by means of a flash trigger. Due to the range, which is up to 300 metres, and the as many as 16 channels you can position flash devices and studio flash units variably and take flash shots unleashed from the camera. Together with light shapers this makes an incredibly creative light design possible. Flash modes such as freeze and HSS, the transmission of TTL signals and flashing on the 1st or 2nd shutter curtain can thus be adjusted comfortably by a wireless transmitter, instead of having to configure every flash on an individual basis. That is particularly helpful when you are working with several flash devices, which are often already mounted on lamp tripods at a height of a few metres.

Light shapers - softboxes, beauty dishes & reflectors

Light shapers change the character of the flash light in the most diverse way. Thus, for example, light effects can be purposefully attained in product and portrait photography. Softboxes such as the 90-cm Professional Octabox transform hard flash light into soft light for instance and ensure that a subject is softly and evenly illuminated. Octagonal softboxes in particular are used for photography of people since they leave a natural round light reflection in the eyes of models contrary to the well-known rectangular softboxes. There is a honeycomb (GRID) as an option, which can be fastened to the interior corners, in order to guide the light thus in a more targeted manner to the subject in order to illuminate the latter more precisely. Diffusors emit a soft light while our reflectors provide harder light, by scattering the light in a 55-degree angle and directing a central focus purposefully onto individual areas of the subject. Thus, you illuminate motives with hard light and hard shade optimally, while a light cone with a hard rim, which is intensified towards the centre, is created. Reflector umbrellas are among the most frequently used flash accessories in photography. The silver internal aluminium coating provides for good light reflection. Beauty dishes are mainly used in portrait photography in the field of glamour & beauty in order to illuminate faces ideally and to show them in a favourable light.  The internal coating provides for very advantageous light. Strip lights like our 30 x 140-cm Professional Umbrella Softbox are not so named because they are used particularly gladly for nude and erotic photography. The name is based on the format or the height/width ratio of 3:1 or at least 2:1, thus a strip shape. They are particularly suitable for illuminating complete bodies, since they produce accurate light edges and beautiful silhouettes due to their narrow format, which is in demand not only in nude photography, but also in portrait and low-key photography.


Many of our light shapers such as softboxes and reflectors are collapsible and very simple to assemble. Therefore, they are ideally suited to outdoor shoots, since they are easy to transport. The popular Bowens connection, which all softboxes, beauty dishes and reflectors have, is compatible with many prevalent flash devices and lamp tripods and functions for multiple manufacturers. This enables even more flexibility and customizability.  For fast assembly the softboxes are simply opened or folded up again like an umbrella. In addition to easy transport this facilitates storage even if there isn’t much storage space available - e.g. for amateur photographers, who don’t have a photo studio or basement.

Lamp tripods for studio flash units and light shapers

Lamp tripods in contrast to normal tripods are used to hold studio flash units and, where applicable, accessories such as light shapers in place. Owing to the extremely compatible ¼-inch and 3/8-inch connection our lamp tripods can be used with equipment from numerous manufacturers. In addition they have a considerably greater maximum working height of up to 2.85 m. Therefore, what’s more, controlling and configuring the studio flash units by remote flash releases as well makes sense. Because once they are installed it is very laborious to re-adjust settings on individual studio flash units. They are assembled and disassembled  quickly and easily while their extremely stable structure and the bracing of the feet ensure that the stand does not wobble even with the weight of a studio flash unit + accessories at a great height. They can bring up to 4 kilograms stably into position at the maximum working height. In addition, the Rollei 285-mm Professional Lamp Tripod has a special air suspension system for effective shock absorption so that your installed, high-quality equipment doesn’t rush downward if you retract the tripod again. Rollei lamp tripods are optimal for light design in studios and are also eminently suitable for outdoor shoots and for work with our mobile HS Freeze studio flash units.

Further flash accessories from Rollei

Besides the studio equipment such as flash devices, softboxes etc. you will also obtain spare parts from us such as rechargeable batteries, counterweights, spotlight adaptors, flash tubes & more.

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