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    Buy from the Lion Rock series

    Buy a Lion Rock product in the Rollei Online store between 20.02.19 and 30.06.19.

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    Fill in the online form

    Fill in the form below and send it to us with all the required information as well as proof of purchase of your new Lion Rock product.

    Please note, a submitted proof of purchase can only be used once.

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    Return old tripod

    Send us your old tripod with the generated return label.

    We will donate your tripod to the FREELENS Foundation.

    It is therefore not possible to return your donated tripod in case of complaint and cancellation of your bought Lion Rock product.

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    Get 50% cash back

    Once your returned tripod has been received and checked, 50% of the purchase price of your Lion Rock product will be refunded by bank transfer in 30 days.

Personal Data

Bank Details

Please contact your bank or check a recent statement if you are unsure of your international transfer details as required above.

Bought Rollei Product
Please insert the date in format "DD.MM.YYYY". (Mac: "YYYY-MM-DD")

    • Photo workshop that resulted in an exhibition, in Gulu, Uganda, 2017. Photo: Rendel Freude

    • Photo workshop in Kigali, Rwanda, 2015. Photo: Rendel Freude

  • The FREELENS Foundation Germany e. V. is a nonprofit association founded in 2012 by the photographers' association FREELENS e. V. with the aim of promoting art and culture and supporting people in need both at home and abroad.

    The association would like to contribute to improving the living and working conditions of photographers worldwide. In addition to supporting individual photographers in need, the association also supports photographic projects, exhibitions, symposia and workshops. The focus is on developing countries.

    The principle of the FREELENS Foundation is based on a sponsorship model. In close cooperation with the Foundation, sponsors assume responsibility for the realization of a project on site. This approach ensures that the financial and material resources made available reach their goal unbureaucratically and directly.


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>> What happens if I have a complaint about my tripod?

For further questions please contact