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Equipment to stream

Inexpensive streaming equipment

Stream is becoming more popular. No matter if on Twitch, YouTube or other platforms, the hype continues to grow. Now it's about trying your own stream instead of just watching. Here we present products from our range that are perfect for the Streaming different topics are suitable. All you need is a laptop or PC with a streaming program such as OBS Studio.

Webcam R-Cam

A stream without Webcam is almost unthinkable. Regardless of whether you want to do what you are doing or just want to show your face: Our R-Cam is great, for example, as a facecam in poorly lit rooms.

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LUMIS Key Light

Our small, space-saving one provides more lighting LUMIS Key Light . Mounted on a (table) tripod on the left and the other on the right, it ensures uniform illumination.

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Table tripod

On ours Tabletop stand table stand the webcam or LED lights can be attached with 1/4-inch connector.
It can be extended to a height of 92 cm and can be placed on any desk thanks to the small base.

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All lights on you

For the perfect lighting setup

To the streaming LED lights
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Tip:In order to illuminate the face nicely and not to be dazzled, it is advisable to place a light source at an angle to the left and one to the right.

Exciting lighting effects

Lumen stick

For exciting colored light effects on the face or in the background.

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Living background

The right background

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Tip: In order to free yourself from the background using a green screen, you can use the Chroma Key filter in most streaming programs (e.g. OBS Studio)..

Pixel party


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Tip:To use a system camera as a streaming cam, a capture card is often necessary if the camera does not have an internal"webcam function".