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Videography equipment

The broad field of videography no longer includes only professional advertising productions, but also smaller online productions such as streams or vlogs, which are implemented with the smartphone instead of expensive equipment.
But no matter which device you want to use to record your next video, we have summarized the most important basics for you.

Smartphone gimbal

The advantage of video recordings with the smartphone is obvious, or rather: in the hand. Nothing is as handy as a smartphone. And it is precisely this handiness that is very important for many productions. A gimbal like the Steady Butler Mobile 3 is ideal for image stabilization so that everything stays smooth in exciting scenes..

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Small mic, big sound

Of course, sound shouldn't be neglected in videography either. For this we have e.g. our Hear: Me Mini on offer, which can be taken anywhere thanks to its compact size and offers an excellent sound.

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Stable and flexible

The choice of the right video tripod should also be carefully considered. We not only offer tripods that can be fixed in one place, but also monopods that can be used flexibly depending on the location. With our V6i, for example, the legs can be adapted as required.

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Knew how

Timelapse recordings

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Video light

"Which is the right light for my needs?" This question is probably asked by every videographer, regardless of whether it is shot with a smartphone or a professional video camera..

The most important factor is the mobility of the respective setup. Small and light lights are ideal for video recordings that take place mainly on the move. In the case of complex recordings in a stationary studio, on the other hand, larger and brighter LED permanent lights can also be used. We have prepared a small selection of our popular video lights for you.

The big, bright one

Our Soluna series is very popular in professional photography and videography. The strong LED permanent lights can be individually adapted for every lighting situation due to the Bowens-S-Type connection. All you need is the right light shaper (softbox, striplight, reflector, etc.).

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The flexible

With the new LUMIS U-Light, photo and video recordings with the smartphone or the system camera can be easily implemented, and not just on the go. The flexible permanent light also offers a multitude of possibilities on location. It can also be used for video conferences, for example.

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The small, mobile one

The small LUMIS Round RGB is absolutely versatile and, thanks to its compact size, can be taken anywhere.
Either as an accent light in the background or mounted on the camera, it can be set in different color and brightness levels.

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