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Rollei Astroklar Night Pollution Filter 100 mm square filter

  • Effectively reduces light pollution during darkness
  • Manufactured from high-quality optical glass
  • Double-sided nanocoating
  • Prevents reflections
  • Water, oil and dirt-repellent
  • Neutral behaviour within the infrared light range
  • We recommend using manual white balance and adjusting
    your colour temperature at the point of capture by
    between +700K and +1500K from the chosen white balance
    without filter to ensure colour fidelity in the scene.
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There is a good reason why scientific telescopes are located on islands or in sparsely populated regions. The constantly increasing light radiation of cities and heavily populated areas, which is also known as light pollution, makes the observation and photography of stars or other celestial objects extremely difficult. However, the unpleasant haze also disturbs “normal” night photographs and city panoramas. Now the new Rollei Astroklar Filter is available for DSLR and DSLM photographers to reduce the effects of light pollution.

Less light pollution, more detailed definition and clarity

The yellow and orange-coloured light waves, which are largely responsible for the effect of light pollution, are removed before entering the lens as much as possible by means of a special coating. In the process, not only do photographs of the night sky and the stars gain significantly in terms of contrast and clarity but the advantages of this high-quality, specialized rectangular filter are also shown in night-time cityscape photography - available now in widths of both 100 mm and 150 mm. For architectural shots or long exposures in the urban environment even delicate structures and contrasts are maintained in the subject and no longer overexposed. By means of extensive filtering of the warmer wavelengths of light, your photographs basically become cool down, retaining the same detail and contrasts that you see with your eyes. As a result of this cooling effect, we recommend that photographers always use manual white balance and select a colour temperature between +700 K and +1,500 K of the reading that was taken without the filter inserted, to guarantee the colour authenticity of your pictures.

The best optical glass and double-sided nanocoating

So that you can use your Rollei Astroklar Filter also for challenging projects and under adverse weather conditions, the high-quality optical glass was finished on both sides with a special nanocoating. Not only does this additional protective layer reliably prevent any reflections from uncontrollable sources of light, but it also has a strong repellent effect with water, oil and dirt. Thus cleaning your Astroklar rectangular filters - if at all still necessary – is child's play. With the use of the Astroklar filter light transmission is reduced by a 2/3 f-stop or aperture increment. In general, we recommend the use of a tripod and a remote release while shooting.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
1x Astroklar Filter
Product line:
100 mm
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