Hunting with the Rollei Wild Cat stabilizer For calm camera operation – really simple, really easy and without annoying wobbling…

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Every DSLR camera worthy of the name nowadays does of course feature a video function. But how steadily can a hand be moved that is holding a reflex camera...? The results are frequently blurred and very unsatisfactory. The Rollei Wild Cat Stabilizer has now come to the rescue. The practical “wild cat” is a stabilization and gliding system and permits steady filming even if the camera and person holding it are moving. This results in a tremendous improvement in picture stability compared to freehand filming.

Really grippy: the camera is guided using a non-slip carbon fibre handle that rotates smoothly in all directions. As a result, the DSLR quite simply remains horizontal - whatever the movement. This is because even jerky movements are not transferred to the camera. The handle can be extended with matching accessories. The rubber foam makes it softer and more flexible – it also provides noise insulation and thermal insulation.

Really high quality: the main section of the Rollei Wild Cat Stabilizer is made of waterproof, light-, heat and corrosion-resistant carbon. The CNC processing with a high quality, anodised black finish enhances its durability and improves the rigidity of the surface and abrasion resistance.

Really flexible: the three-group counterweight (148, 47 and 35 g) for the base has an anti-skid device, thus improving stability and balance. It can also be used as a tripod base. The upper section is used to attach the Manfrotto video head. The central handle can be set in any direction. The quick-change base allows adjusting the balance forwards, backwards, left and right. Precise markings on the tube permit additional fast and precise installations. The practical 3-leg fast locking system guarantees stability and security.

At a glance:
Material: carbon fibre and stainless steel | Colour: black | Specification: 65 x 60 x 270 mm | Front/back: 75 + 75 mm | left/right: 40 mm | Load capacity: 450 – 2000 g | Weight: 408 g (without counterweight).

The Rollei Wild Cat Stabilizer will be on sale from the beginning of September for a recommended retail price of EUR 599.95.

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