The free photo app from Rollei – for the fondest memories, holiday photos, snapshots and more!

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With the new Rollei photo app for the iPhone you get everything out of your photos as well as expanding the range of functions of your Rollei tripod or your Rollei lens many times over! Along with the familiar photo and video functions, new photos can easily be saved to the iPhone library, sent by e-mail or shared with friends on Facebook while on the move.

Vocal and independent: The new Rollei photo app offers a photo and video self-timer (3-60 seconds), sound activation which can be adapted to the environmental noise level, as well as swipe activation. Photos and videos are triggered with just a hand movement – a perfect tool for self portraits.

Quick and sustained: The days of „too late“ and „been and gone“ have finally come to an end! Thanks to the pre-record function, no more opening scenes are missed. One take is enough and every photo or video captures the exact moment that should be in the picture. Photo sequences can be easily captured with the interval photo mode – from 0.3 seconds to 10 minutes. The use of a tripod is certainly recommended for this. Of course the same applies to professional long exposures, which enable photos to be taken or sequences of movement to be recorded even in low light levels. Vibrant colours and details are captured both in technical and in arty scenarios.

Fun and action guaranteed: What would a photo app be without fun features? The Rollei photo app also offers three great goodies: Using the image overlay function, for example, two photos can be skilfully copied into one another, giving the photos some very special effects. The „merge faces“ and „age face“ features are really funny...plenty of laughs are guaranteed with your family and friends.

This app is not lacking in information either. The complete Rollei iPhone accessory range can be accessed, photos or videos can be sent and shared instantly via email, Twitter and Facebook, and of course you have full access to the iPhone‘s photo library.

The Rollei photo app is available now free of charge from the app store.

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