The new Rollei Arm Extensions S and L – for inspired self-portraits … or the perfect viewing distance!

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Yet again, new accessories have come out of Rollei’s think tank: two extendable arm extensions for fast and secure attachment of all action cams and compact cameras with a 1/4“ tripod thread! Self-portraits have never been so much fun. Whether on the roller coaster with hair flying, in the midst of shouts and cheers while parachuting or when dreaming and cuddling up in the park, Rollei’s arm extensions guarantee maximum fun on every occasion, at every party and, of course, for almost every sport.

The little difference:
the Rollei Arm Extension S 505 mm weighs just 95 g. It can be easily extended from 20 to 50 cm. The Rollei Arm Extension L 950 mm weighs just 30 g more, but can be extended from 30 to 95 cm.


The big common denominator: both telescopic rods are extremely easy to transport and extend. The camera adapter for both is made entirely from stainless steel, while the ball head is made from aluminium. Consequently, both are equipped for use under extreme conditions and can be freely adjusted in terms of angle and tilt. Both the S and L versions are available in black, blue, orange and yellow. Each telescopic rod can take a maximum load of 500 g.

Linked forever: an anti-slip grip, a spring hook and a safety hand strap protect against “loss in action” and are included.

The Rollei Arm Extension S 505 mm is available in retail outlets at a recommended retail price of 39.95 euros, while the price of the Rollei Arm Extension L 950 mm is 49.95 euros.

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