Rollei Licht B-Ware: Ringleuchte RL-119 Bi-Color-Ringlicht mit 480 LEDs
Rollei Licht B-Ware: Ringleuchte RL-119 Bi-Color-Ringlicht mit 480 LEDs
Rollei Licht B-Ware: Ringleuchte RL-119 Bi-Color-Ringlicht mit 480 LEDs
Rollei Licht B-Ware: Ringleuchte RL-119 Bi-Color-Ringlicht mit 480 LEDs
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B-goods:Ring light RL-119 Bi-Color ring light with 480 LEDs

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With our ring light RL119 you get everything you need for a perfect introduction to ring light photography and videography, because it has a particularly wide range of accessories.

But let's start with the most important part of the scope of delivery, namely the ring light itself. There are a total of 480 LEDs, of which 240 white light LEDs and 240 warm light LEDs are built into the ring light. This allows you to easily and individually adjust the color temperature within a range of 3200 to 6500 Kelvin..

How and where you work, whether in the studio or on location, is entirely up to you. This is ensured, for example, by the fact that your new ring light not only has a power cable, but also offers the option of battery operation. The Sony NP-F750 / F970 rechargeable batteries, which are optionally available, are suitable for this purpose.d.

The scope of delivery also includes a smartphone holder, which is included as an accessory because it is often used by beauty bloggers. They often use the ring light because it creates the pretty halo effect in the eyes - a ring around the model's pupil. However, you can use not only your smartphone, but also your DSLR and DSLM camera. Also included in the scope of delivery is a mini ball head, which is mounted inside the ring light, and which allows your camera or smartphone to be aligned particularly precisely. So you can always capture exactly the subject that you want to capture. And so that you can not only adjust the direction, but also the height and inclination, we can also provide you with a suitable lamp tripod.zu.

The more accessories are included, the easier it must be to transport them. For this reason, you also get a bag in which you can store all your accessories that you need for a shoot or film. So are you ready for a whole new ring light experience? With our RL119 you are..

  • B-goods
  • Bright: ring light bi-color with up to 1842 lux 0.5m at 6500 Kelvinin
  • Adjustable color temperature: The color temperature is between 3200 Kelvin and 6500 Kelvin
  • Great effects: 480 LEDs create a natural, ring-shaped reflex in the eye
  • True-to-color photos: Excellent CRI of over 80 for true-to-color illumination of the subjects
  • Full flexibility: thanks to the optionally available batteries, the ring light can be used anywhere.
Technical specifications
Power: 48 W
Lux: 6500K: 1804 lx / 0.5 m 3200K: 1482 lx / 0.5 mm
Color temperature: 3200 - 6500 K
Color rendering index CRI:): 80+
Total number of LEDs:): 480
Number of LED white light: 240
Outer diameter: 48.26 cm
Power supply: Sony NP-F battery 7.4 V / 4400 mAh optional mains connectionhluss
Scope of delivery B-goods
  • 1x B-class ring light RL-119
  • 1x B-goods lamp tripod
  • 1x B-goods smartphone holder
  • 1x B-goods mini ball head
  • 1x B-goods bag
If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
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