Rollei Equipment B-Ware: Tabletop Stand - Tischstativ
Rollei Equipment B-Ware: Tabletop Stand - Tischstativ
Rollei Equipment B-Ware: Tabletop Stand - Tischstativ
Rollei Equipment B-Ware: Tabletop Stand - Tischstativ
Rollei Equipment B-Ware: Tabletop Stand - Tischstativ
Rollei 28187

Tabletop stand - table tripod

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Tabletop Stand - Tischstativ für Webcams oder Videoleuchten

Tabletop Stand - space-saving and versatile table tripod

With our Tabletop stand we have a product for you that can be an absolutely exciting helper for you for two important reasons.

Because on the one hand this is an absolute space-saving monopod – and on the other hand, a product that is also particularly versatile.

For example, it can be ideally used as a lamp tripod if you want to attach a small to medium permanent light to it. But you are not only limited to lighting and photography, the home office or streaming area is also possible - if you want to attach webcams and microphones to it.

Stativ für den Schreibtisch mit 3/4 " Gewinde und Spigot-Anschluss

Of the Tabletop stand takes it even on one writing desk takes up extremely little space, although it also has a practical telescopic function that enables you to mount the tripod with the help of two threaded screws up to 92.6 centimeters take off. And even at full size, the foot of the Tabletop stand for particular stability.

We also made sure that you have one 1/4 connector screwe for your equipment and also one Spigot connection . This makes the selection of equipment that you can use on your Tabletop stand can attach.

Tischstativ für Webcam und Licht zum führen von Videokonferenzen


  • Ideal for the compact studio or the home office
  • For setting up lights, webcams or microphones
  • As a monopod, it takes up very little space on a desk
  • Up to 92.6 cm high
  • With a stable foot for a secure stand
  • With 1/4 connection screw and spigot connection 
Technical specifications
Application area: Photography, videography, video conferencing
Material: Aluminum, iron, steel
Colour: black
Connections: 1/4 "connection screw, spigot connection
Min. Height: 41.8 cm
Max. Height: 92.6 cm
Diameter foot: 15.4 cm
Column diameter: 22 mm, 19 mm, 16 mm
Maximum load: 4 kg
Weight: 888 g

Scope of delivery B-goods
  • 1x B-goods table top stand
  • 1x B-goods protective cap for 1/4 "connection screw
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