Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon Stativ

Lion Rock Traveler L Black Edition - Carbon tripod

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Professional travel tripod Lion Rock Traveler L in black

This professional tripod is the top model of the new Lion Rock Traveler line, specially tailored to the needs of demanding travel photographers. Its astonishingly low weight of 1,750 g already includes a high-quality panorama ball head including Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate and the unique spike feet made of solid steel, which drill themselves into the hardest glacier ice at a perfect 90 angle. The tripod legs, which are divided into four segments to save space, are made of quality carbon, which has been so cleverly interwoven in 11 wafer-thin layers that the vertical forces are optimally compensated. As a result, the Rollei Lion Rock Traveler L carries a payload of an astonishing 20 kg, which is eleven times its own weight. The stable tripod shoulder has a precise spirit level (spirit level) to align your professional camera exactly to the desired motif after the rough adjustment via the smooth-running tripod leg quick-release fasteners and with the aid of the easy-to-read scaling on the last segment.n.


Divisible center column, stable tripod hook

The 2.8 cm wide and 31 cm long central column can be conveniently divided in order to be able to take razor-sharp and blur-free macro shots close to the ground while utilizing the maximum payload. Simply hang your camera backpack, a photo bag or a weight bag on the sturdy tripod hook on the underside of the center column to lower the center of gravity of your tripod-camera combination even further. As you are used to from the high-end tripods from Rollei, the mounting plate has a 3/8-inch and a 1/4-inch connection and is of course delivered with a sturdy quick-release plate with a 4 x 4 cm contact surface and locking pins.t.


Perfectly prepared for every operational situation

The carbon legs have additional inner seals in the area of the quick-release fasteners, which prevent water and the finest dust from penetrating the tripod leg tubes. Your new Rollei Lion Rock Traveler L can even be used in aggressive salt water and in fine desert sand and retains its full functionality even in freezing cold. In winter, the sturdy foam padding on all tripod legs ensures that you can easily carry your professional tripod on your shoulder or in your hand, even over long distances. Each new Rollei Lion Rock Traveler comes with the special tools you need, a sturdy carrying bag and three solid rubber feet that you can use instead of spikes for use on sensitive surfaces.

Height of the tripod

Arbeitshöhe des Lion Rock Traveler L Carbon-Stativs

Size comparison of the Lion Rock Traveler tripods

Größenvergleich Lion Rock Traveler Stativ-Serie von Rollei


Lion Rock Traveler videos

  • Extremely resilient (load capacity up to 20 kg) and made of 100% carbon (11 layers)
  • Integrated spikes specially shaped steel spikes anchor themselves ideally in the ground and form a 90-angle to the ground for a stable standnd
  • Light, robust and strong at every location, even in sand and salt water!!
  • Rubber coatings on all tripod legs
  • Mounting plate with 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch connection
  • Tripod hook for attaching counterweights
  • Including central column with a length of 31 cm
  • Quick-release fasteners for stepless adjustment of the leg length
Technical specifications


Weight without tripod head: 1,410 g
Max. Working height: 139 cm
Max. Height: 170.7 cm
Min. Height: 20.5 cm
Pack size: 48 cm
Max. Load: 20,000 g
Tripod leg segments: 4th
Tripod leg diameter: 2.8, 2.5, 2.2, 1.9 cm
Material: Carbon

Tripod head

Head type: Ball head
Steering: Pivoting, locking, tilting, friction pre-setting
Height: 8.2 cm
Base width: 4.7 cm
Weight: 340 g
Max. Load: 20,000 g
Tripod connection 3/8-in
Material: aluminum

Quick release plate

Broad: 4 cm
Height: 4 cm
Depth: 1 cm
Weight: 29 g
scope of delivery
  • 1x tripod
  • 1x ball head
  • 1x quick release plate
  • 1x tripod bag
  • 1x tool
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