Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
Rollei Equipment DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner
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DF-S 310 SE Dia-Film-Scanner

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Dia Film Scanner 310 SE

DF-S 310 SE slide film scanner

If you didn't just start taking photos after the triumph of digital cameras, you probably still have quite a few Slide or negative film strips in the archive. Or maybe you are faced with the task of sifting through family memories from times past and making them available to everyone. For these purposes, Rollei has the Slide film scanner DF-S 310 SE developed. "SE" stands for Special Edition, the scope of delivery includes additional inserts for the previously very popular Super 8 films and the practical pocket film strip (110 film) at.


Dia Film Scanner 310 S


Memories come back to life

You can scan up to 20 slides in a minute, the built-in preview function 2.4 "color TFT LCD monitor enables an intuitive and quick approach. The multi-part precision lens with a resolution of 14 MP extracts even the smallest detail from the slide or negative films; the resolution can be interpolated to up to 24 MP if required. The Rollei slide film scanner DF-S 310 SE works with a Single pass image capture So you only need to guide the slide through the scanner once; locking points ensure precise positioning.


Rollei Dia Film Scanner 310 SE


Independent thanks to internal memory and SD card slot

The DF-S 310 SE saves up to one images internally Total data amount of 128 MB , an SD card slot accepts SD / SDHC memory cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB. So you can scan slides, negative strips or Super 8 films completely independently of your desktop or laptop computer, for example in the basement or in the attic. The power supply runs through one 5V adapter or completely over the USB connection . Of course, you can also use your computer, the Rollei slide film scanner is compatible with Windows from 2000 and with Mac OS from 10.4. Use the automatic color balance and exposure control, or control both values manually. The special feature of the DF-S 310 SE: You can also connect it directly to your TV set using a 3.5 mm jack plug!

  • 2.4 "color TFT LCD
  • 128 MB internal memory
  • Scan in seconds
  • Scan 20 slides in approx. 1 minute
  • Slot for SD / SDHC memory cards
  • USB 2.0 interface
Technical specifications
Image sensor: 14 megapixel sensor
14 megapixels 22 megapixels (interpolated))
Precision lens made up of several elements
LC display:
2.4 "color TFT-LCD
Storage memory card slot::
128 MB internal memory SD / SDHC cards up to 32 GBB
Focus area: Fixed focus
Exposure control: Automatic, manual (-2.0 EV to +2.0 EV)
Color matching: Automatically, manually
Scan quality: 3,600 dpi
Data conversion: 10 bits per color channel
Scanning method: Single pass
Light source: Transmitted light (3 white LEDs)
Interface: USB 2.0 TV output (video 3.5 mm jack plug))
Operating systems: Windows 7/8/10 Mac: OS 10.4 and higherr
Mains current: 5V adapter USB mains powerm
Dimensions: 91 x 104 x 105 mm
Weight: 276 g
scope of delivery
  • 1x scanner
  • 1x slide magazine for framed slides
  • 1x slide for color negatives
  • 1x use for Super 8 films
  • 1x insert for 110 films (pocket film)
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x AV cable
  • 1x power adapter
If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
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