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Actioncam 430
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Actioncam 415
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Actioncam 300 Plus
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Film and Video

DSLRs are now being used by film professionals for video recording, digital cameras can produce pretty good still photos and Action-cams can be used for both tasks under difficult circumstances.

Rollei offers technical and robust film and video products to fit the needs of motion picture filmmakers, for athletes who want to record their activities and for video professionals, which won't stretch your budget unnecessarily. Finding the exact Rollei product to go with your equipment makes sense and opens up a world of new possibilities and perspectives:

Rollei Action-cams – record action packed films and video recordings

Rollei Action-cams have gained an excellent reputation with many product testers and renown magazines proving themselves to be tough in everyday conditions. Rollei Action-cams have an excellent price to performance ratio and a wide range of practical models and, like all of our accessories, are GoPro* compatible. All current Rollei Action-cams feature a Safety Pad with Secure Release System (SRS) as recommended by experts. These provide additional safety and protection against damage when taking spectacular shots or performing risky stunts by preventing accidental detachment of the camera.

BullBar 34 Mount for GoPro*
BullBar 34 Mount for GoPro*
  • For a perfect and multi-adjustable mounting on handlebars or tube struts
  • The 2K system effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations and thus provides improved image quality of your recordings. Noise is largely reduced, which means an increased recording quality of your videos.
  • Perfect grip – no readjustment of the camera mount needed 360° rotating camera mount for perfect videos from a variety of different positions
  • Made from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum, highly anodized
  • Suitable for round profiles with a diameter of 30 to 34 mm

Dash cams – film and video in cars

You can document your travels superbly with Rollei dash cams, but you can also use them to acquire evidence after accidents or vandalism. Depending on the model, the dash cams have GPS connectivity, bright displays for instant playback, autofocus lenses for the front and back, loop function to keep recording when the memory card is full and override the protection after activating the impact sensor. This doesn't just facilitate police and courtroom work but also insurance work after an accident.

  • GPS capability
  • High resolution display
  • Autofocus lenses
  • Loop function with override following collision

Film and video for security: surveillance cameras

What happens in your home when you are at work or on vacation? How can you protect your private property from theft? Rollei surveillance cameras record suspicious behaviour inside and outside your house, which is saved onto the secure Rollei Cloud or a server of your choice and even alert you through email. The web connection prevents criminals and rioters from deleting the footage, bright LEDs ensure that even at night or dawn any irregularities don't go unnoticed.

Video tripods and accessories: Film and video like a professional

Film and video recordings usually need a special tripod which allows you to pan through 360°. Rollei video tripods, gimbals and various accessories ensure that you can achieve steady cam shots, 360° panoramas and precisely planned camera shots with a camera of your choice. Whether you want to record with an Action-cam, a DSLR or a professional, serious camcorder– you can find the ideal matching robust accessories underneath this heading. Many video enthusiasts and Youtubers have made the leap from casual to professional filmmaker using Rollei's products.

Action-cam glasses: filming from your own perspective

Are Action-cams, DSLRs or Camcorder to complicated, bulky or just not suitable for what you want to do? Then simply put on Rollei Action-cam glasses. They film directly in full HD, whatever you can see through the interchangeable lenses. Especially useful in cramped conditions, when you need to discretely obtain evidence or when cultural conventions prevent you from using a camcorder.

  • Film from your perspective
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Discrete filming
  • Full HD resolution

Action-cam accessories – GoPro* compatible

You don't just need Rollei Action-cams, you can equip it with our range of accessories for any activity, all of these products are completely GoPro* compatible. Our product philosophy is quality, practicality but also maximum flexibility and compatibility with products from other manufacturers. Rollei Action-cam accessories are not just for demanding athletes above and below the water but also for mountain bikers, skydivers, hang-gliders and racing drivers who keep these high-quality and secure products close at hand.