Rollei offers 5-year replacement service

Rollei offers a unique replacement program. On all Actioncam accessory articles such as mounts, under-water housing or buoyancy arms[PP1] , Rollei offers a 5-year replacement service.

With other manufacturers you will have to search hard for this. If one of the mounts of your Actioncam breaks off, you receive a new mount within 5 years of the date of purchase.

The same applies to underwater housings or buoyancy arms that you have acquired in addition to your Actioncam.

We want our customers to have great enjoyment with the products purchased and to be able to satisfy their creativity.

You’re safe with Rollei

Rollei also currently offers an extensive range of accessories for GoPro*, for which the 5-year replacement service also applies of course. These high-quality GoPro*-compatible accessories are also covered by our service, as are also the accessories for current Rollei Actioncams.

Because of the compatibility of the accessory components, you can of course also use our service with your current Actioncam. Just be sure to take into consideration the corresponding connections and assembly possibilities.

The replacement service does not, of course, cover adhesive pads or other expendable items. Understandably, batteries or other electronic devices are not included.

With Rollei’s Premium Customer Service you are completely safe. In addition, you also get a special replacement service and preferential treatment.