Actioncam Actioncam Safe Sling Set for Rollei Actioncams and GoPro*

  • To secure actioncams and mounts easily to permanently installed body panels
  • Reliable protection against loss or injuries
  • Material: TPE
  • Weight: approx. 57 g

Rollei Action Cam Anchor Strap Kit

You want your action cam to live up to its name – even if things can get pretty wild at times. And you still need to be sure that both your action cam and your video clips can make it home safe and sound.

On those truly spectacular rides down barely-navigable trails, however, your action cam has a really good chance of coming a cropper. But help is at hand: Rollei has developed the Action Cam Anchor Strap Kit to give your valuable camera that extra level of protection. The kit is compatible with any suction pad or other action cam mounting system.

Action cam anchored: full speed ahead!

Even if your action cam mount is knocked sideways by a hard mechanical impact, a strong anchor strap keeps both your camera and mount on your vehicle. You fix the ProSafeBase anchor plate to an inconspicuous place on your vehicle with an original 3M adhesive pad and then attach one of the two long anchor straps or the short strap to the rotary knob. Now you’re all set to go – safe in the knowledge that your Rollei or GoPro* action cam won’t go AWOL the next time it falls foul of a branch or crash barrier.


Weight 57 g
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