Diving Filter Adapters 5S & S-50

  • Underwater Colour Correction Filter
  • Designed for Rollei Actioncam 5S & S-50 Diving Edition
  • Red filter adapter for blue waters
  • Magenta filter adapter for green waters

Not all underwater camera filters are created equally. First and foremost, the filer needs to be able to provide maximum protection against the water to demanding depths that are relevant for the modern diver. However, colour correction is another notable issue which needs to be taken into account. This arises from the fact that water will refract visible light and distort its wavelengths. When filming marine wildlife or underwater flora and fauna, this discrepancy becomes a very real concern. The diving filter adapters for the 5S and the S-50 Rollei ActionCam account for such conditions.

Underwater Camera Filters for Amazing Colour Clarity

One of the main features of this model is the presence of either a red or a magenta filter that is placed over the viewfinder of the camera. The reason that two different filters are available is that waters of unique colours will refract light differently. Thus, a red filter is primarily designed to accommodate for the correction needs of blue waters (such as in the sea or the ocean). The magenta variant is best suited for waters with a greenish hue (lakes and lagoons can be examples here). The type of filter chosen will therefore depend upon the location where one will dive.

It should be noted that currently, this filter is only available to be used in conjunction with the previously mentioned Rollei ActionCam models. Others will not be supported by the 5S and S-50 Diving Edition.

Ideally suited for demanding underwater conditions which are defined by the need for accurate colour correction, this filter will come in quite handy. Whether filming a school of iridescent fish or capturing unforgettable images of coral on the seabed, you can enjoy even the most subtle tones.

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