Rollei 3M Sticker Schwarz

  • 3M Sticker for your Rollei 3S/4S/5S/5S-Wi-Fi/S-50 Wi-Fi/6S Wi-Fi/7S Wi-Fi
  • 5-pieces replacement set of 3 curved and 2 flat adhesive mounts
  • The high quality 3M adhesive technology ensures consistently reliable support. The bond is both waterproof and stable at low temperatures and thus universal use. The attachments can be easily removed simply by heat (hair dryer).
  • Scope of delivery: 3x universal adhesive pads for curved surfaces, 2x universal adhesive pads for flat surfaces


Width 4.1 cm
Height 5 cm
Depth 0.2 cm
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  • Rollei s40

    Hello, I would like to know if I the "rollei 3m Stickers" are compatibles with the rollei s40. Thanks, and have a good day.

    Answer: The Rollei 3M Stickers can be used with the Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi.

  • Youngstar

    Does these fit to Rollei Youngstar?

    Answer: The Rollei 3M Sticker can also be used with the Rollei Youngstar.



    Answer: There are special stickers available for your camera. Please contact our service center

  • rollei s50

    Can you mount this on a rollei s50?

    Answer: The Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi can be used with the Rollei 3M Sticker.

  • Racy full hd

    Is those stickers could be use with my racy full HD?

    Answer: This Rollei 3M Sticker can also used for the Rollei Racy Full HD.

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