Rollei Anti Fog Pads 24 pcs

  • Anti fog pads for actioncam underwater housing
  • For unobstructed view

For those who will be using a camera underwater, fog can prove to be a problem. The presence of this moisture build-up can diminish the quality of digital recordings. These anti-fog inserts will prevent this from occurring and the end result will be a crystal-clear viewing experience; ideal when one wishes to capture the underwater environment in stunning beauty and clarity. These pads can be used by scuba divers, snorkellers and indeed anyone who enjoys aquatic experiences and wishes to record their adventures in high-definition beauty.

Technical Details of These Anti-Fog Inserts

The pads themselves can be inserted into existing Rollei cameras. They are currently available in packs of 24 units.

These pads are quite easy to install and are manufactured from durable materials. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a hands-free confidence while undertaking any adventure where moisture or ambient temperature differences would otherwise create a problem.

Uses Galore

As mentioned previously, these pads are ideal for underwater excursions. However, they are just as suited for a number of other activities where moisture could be an issue. These include (but are not limited to) skiing, snowboarding and numerous other types of water sports.

These are a handful of the benefits which are offered through these highly reliable pads. If you are searching for one of the best ways to prevent fog build-up within your Rollei camera, such accessories are the perfect solutions. We are happy to be able to offer these units in convenient packs of 24 and are happy to help with any enquiries.

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