Rollei Arm Extension L 950 mm Gelb

  • Arm Extension for all Rollei Actioncams with Tripod thread
  • Maximum load: 500 g

With this unique camera arm extension, the concept of the "selfie" can now be taken to the next level. This is often the preferred method of documenting an adventure, for you will be able to include yourself in your activities while not sacrificing comfort or balance. So, such extensions are often used in activities including:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Surfing
  • Hiking

In fact, any excursion that you wish to record in digital style can be addressed with this Rollei arm extension.

Why Choose This Camera Arm Extension?

We should first note that the length of the arm can be adjusted between 30 and 95 centimeters; perfect for a variety of unique requirements. Combined with a carabiner hook and an additional wrist strap, you need not be concerned about losing the unit. Also, a weight of only 125 grams provides extra levels of comfort and the entire piece (even at full extension) can be handled easily.

Strength and a Universal Flexibility

The ball head is fashioned from aluminium and is thus ideal to be used within extreme conditions (such as extremely wet environments or sub-zero climates). The adapter for the camera is stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion or rust.

Still, this extension is designed to fit with all ActionCams that contain a tripod head. A one-quarter inch screw further enables you to attach any camera with the same diameter threading. A maximum load of 500 grams will support even the heaviest of cameras.

These are a handful of the key features which define this model. As it is available in colours of yellow, blue, black or orange, it can likewise suit nearly any visual need with style. Feel free to choose your option today and begin experiencing the modern benefits of high-quality digital recording offered by Rollei.


Height 9.5 cm
Weight 125 g
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