Rollei Arm Extension XL 1600 mm Grün

  • Max. load: 5 kg
  • Can be used within sand, salt water and is ideal for diving

There are many times when activities need to be recorded with more stability than would otherwise be afforded with a helmet-mounted camera or one that requires both hands to operate. In either case, one of the best solutions is this handheld monopod. Some examples of such situations could be skiing, snowboarding, water sports and any activity that requires a stable and yet panoramic view of the participant. This arm extension is intended to be used in conjunction with all Rollei ActionCams and DSLR models which contain a quarter-inch threading. What are some of the other features which allow this unit to be so versatile?

Features of This Handheld Monopod

One of the first benefits of this unit is that it can be locked out at numerous lengths of up to 1.6 metres. This provides optimal control under challenging circumstances. Additionally, a weight of only 288 grams allows for easy manipulation while the extension is able to support up to five kilograms in total weight at its end. Other interesting benefits include:

• A safety hand strap.
• Comfortable foam grips.
• A hook for a carabiner.
• One-quarter inch connections on both the top and bottom.

For appearances, this arm extension is available in colours of yellow. orange, black and blue. A double-sided extension capability further allows the unit to be suitable within conditions where ultimate control is a priority.

These are some of the primary features which have allowed this handheld monopod to be so very versatile and durable. Ideal for anyone who seeks control and accuracy while recording their adventures, this unit is not to be missed. Please feel free to take a closer look or to contact us with any additional questions or enquiries.


Width 14 cm
Height 37 cm
Depth 4 cm
Weight 288 g
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