Rollei Battery 6S/7S

  • Extra power up to 145 or 110 minutes
  • For your Actioncam 6S WiFi and 7S WiFi

This Action Cam battery will provide a substantial amount of extra power to both 6S WiFi or 7S WiFi ActionCams designed by Rollei. It will offer no less than 145 minutes of recording capacity for the 6S model while the 7S can still enjoy a robust 110 minutes. As this battery is also extremely lightweight, it will present few problems while out and about during any excursion. Some situations that could dictate the need for such extra power can be if you plan to be away from an electrical supply for a considerable amount of time or if a camping trip does not include amenities such as a standalone power source.

Specifications and Installation Instructions of this Action Cam Battery

This lithium-ion unit will supply 6,000 milliampere-hours (mAh) of power to both the 6S and 7S cameras. Each pack consists of one battery. It is highly durable, shock resistant and can be easily installed with these quick steps:

• Prior to insertion, make certain that the "Battery Lock Push Key" located on the ActionCam is in the "Unlocked" position.
• Place the battery into the slot firmly.
• Once again, push the lock key and make certain that the battery is fixed in place before closing the cover on the ActionCam.

Reliable and Rechargeable

Specifically designed to provide the user with more than two hours of recording capacity, this battery is perfectly suited for longer excursions. As it is fully rechargeable, users can expect to enjoy reliable power on multiple outings.

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