Rollei Chest Mount Black for GoPro*

  • Fully adjustable for all sizes
  • Simply record videos and pictures from the chest
  • Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle etc.
  • Perspective becomes even more intense than the helmet

The GoPro Chest Mount from Rollei is a practical, safe and comfortable way to shoot videos, giving a new and original perspective. With easy access and great stability, it gets right to the heart of the action.

The mounting point ensures that the camera is securely attached. The harness is fully adjustable for all sizes, so that it will fit over several layers of clothing or sit snugly over a T-shirt. The nylon waist and shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit, while the plastic buckles provide secure closure.

GoPro* Chest Mount on the go

The chest mount is suitable for use in all kinds of action sports, including surfing and windsurfing, skydiving, skiing, cycling, and motocross.

The camera’s position at the centre of the body makes it less prone to vibration than a helmet mount, making for steadier, less shaky footage. In this position, too, the weight is less likely to affect the user’s balance.

Because of the position of the camera, it is easy to operate the controls, change modes, or start and stop the recording, as well as checking the battery life, remaining memory space, and other important details. Photographers can get exactly the footage they require, with no need to worry about whether or not the camera is running.

The unique perspective offered by the chest mount means that more of the user’s body and equipment are visible in the footage, adding interest and giving a better sense of speed and scale.

The GoPro Chest Mount is a great addition to any sports enthusiast’s collection of video equipment. See how much interest and professionalism it can add to your videos, and have fun taking them.

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