Rollei eGimbal G1 electronical Steadycam für GoPro* Hero3/Hero 3 Plus

  • Lighter and smaller electronic stabilizer - just perfect to film from the hand
  • Easy to attach to the sport helmets, and Rollei Mogopod 1
  • Adjustable angle on the handle - 45 degree handle
  • Receiving area inclination angle of max. 110 ° to bottom and from max. 45 ° upwards
  • Fácil de calibrar

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  • GoPro accessories

    Hi, I looked at your product and it looks great. Would love to know if it works with GoPro Hero 3+ with battery backpack attached? I tend to have long shoots documenting my photography behind-the-scenes and it's imperative to have extended battery life. Please let me know! Thanks,

    Answer: Unfortunately accessories like the battery backpack cannot be used with the Rollei eGimbal as the weight of the camera will be too much with backpack.

  • compatible with rollei S5 camera

    hello, nice looking gimbal with good features. but is this Rollei gimbal also compatible with Rollei cameras such as the S5 wifi?

    Answer: No, the eGimbal G1 is only compatible with GoPro 3 and 4. But you can take a look at our new eGimbal G4+!!

  • How to connect with non GoPro Cam

    Hello, is it possible connect to nonGoPro 3/4 cam? For Example Polaroid Cube or GoPro 4 Session?

    Answer: Unforutnately the Rollei eGimbal G1 is only suitable for GoPro Hero 3 +4 . Please take a look at the Rollei eGimbal G4+ which can be used with other cameras too.

  • charging

    does the g1 charge the battery inside it?

    Answer: No, the battery of the Gimbal (GoPro Hero 3 battery) has to be charged in the GoPro itself or an external charging unit. The Gimbal G1 does not charge.

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