Rollei eGimbal G1 electronical Steadycam für GoPro* Hero3/Hero 3 Plus

  • Lighter and smaller electronic stabilizer - just perfect to film from the hand
  • Easy to attach to the sport helmets, and Rollei Mogopod 1
  • Adjustable angle on the handle - 45 degree handle
  • Receiving area inclination angle of max. 110 ° to bottom and from max. 45 ° upwards
  • Fácil de calibrar

eGimbal G1 Electronic Steadycam

Tired of those jerky images that can cause problems when you watch videos back? The eGimbal G1 electronic steadycam is a lightweight solution to the problem of holding a video camera still in the hand and can improve the range of professional level looking shots that you are able to achieve. Ideal for anyone who shoots videos whilst they are on the move, the small device weighs just 160 grams and uses an electronic stabilizer to keep your image making fresh and easy to watch. Working with the range of GoPro cameras - Hero 4, 3 and 3+, for instance - and their relevant components, the eGimbal is ideal for people who shoot video whilst cycling, motor biking, skateboarding or roller blading – just about any activity where bumps and knocks might have a detrimental effect on the quality of image capture. Made from tough aluminium alloy and engineered plastics, the unit is connected to an external device by a mini USB port.

eGimbal G1 Electronic Steadycam In Detail

With an automatic balancing rotation angle of plus or minus 125 degrees, the eGimbal utilises the techniques of a conventional brushless gimbal, which uses brushless motors. Affording a wide range of speed control and plenty of stability, the brushless technology used allows for a compact, powerful and energy-saving product which is virtually free from maintenance. The steadycam device can be mounted on a helmet or held by hand, as preferred. Try it out with a Mogopod, too, and see how the eGimbal reacts to different angles. Easy to calibrate, the unit has an initial receiving area tilt downward angle of 110 degrees at the maximum. The corresponding maximum value for an upward area tilt is 45 degrees. The device measures just 150 x 110 x 40 mm so it will easily fit in with the rest of your equipment, not matter what sort of activity you want to shoot.


Width 4 cm
Height 15 cm
Depth 11 cm
Weight 160 g
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  • GoPro accessories

    Hi, I looked at your product and it looks great. Would love to know if it works with GoPro Hero 3+ with battery backpack attached? I tend to have long shoots documenting my photography behind-the-scenes and it's imperative to have extended battery life. Please let me know! Thanks,

    Answer: Unfortunately accessories like the battery backpack cannot be used with the Rollei eGimbal as the weight of the camera will be too much with backpack.

  • compatible with rollei S5 camera

    hello, nice looking gimbal with good features. but is this Rollei gimbal also compatible with Rollei cameras such as the S5 wifi?

    Answer: No, the eGimbal G1 is only compatible with GoPro 3 and 4. But you can take a look at our new eGimbal G4+!!

  • How to connect with non GoPro Cam

    Hello, is it possible connect to nonGoPro 3/4 cam? For Example Polaroid Cube or GoPro 4 Session?

    Answer: Unforutnately the Rollei eGimbal G1 is only suitable for GoPro Hero 3 +4 . Please take a look at the Rollei eGimbal G4+ which can be used with other cameras too.

  • charging

    does the g1 charge the battery inside it?

    Answer: No, the battery of the Gimbal (GoPro Hero 3 battery) has to be charged in the GoPro itself or an external charging unit. The Gimbal G1 does not charge.

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