3-axis hand gimbal for GoPro Hero 3/3+ /4
Stabilised, quiet camera operation - for perfect movies at full action

Rollei eGimbal G4 electronic steadycam for GoPro*

  • Noise- and brushless motors
  • Stabilized handheld shooting and smooth camera movement even during full action
  • Infinitely variable controllable vertical 320┬░ tilt

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  • eGimbal G1 vs G4

    G4 is quite a bit more expensive than its younger brother G1. What are the advantages of G4 over G1? Cheers, Cyril

    Answer: This new Gimbal 4 is lighter than the previous model. Furthermore, it does not need an extra battery as it comes with its own battery. It does not need a calibration like the Gimbal G1.

  • Product comparison

    Hello, We've found other gamble on the web (lot of them are less expensive). What are the advantage of buying your G4 ? Thanks in advance, Best regards,

    Answer: The advantage of the Rollei Gimbal G4 is that it is compatible with all GoPro editions. It offers a very high flexibility and has an ergonomic formed handle bar.

  • modes?

    hello, does the egimbal g4 have different modes of operation such as pan/tilt follow mode or horizon lock?

    Answer: Yes, the Rollei eGimbal G4 does offer different modes: Single Press Single Flashes Heading Follow Mode Double Press Double Flashes Heading And Pitch Follow Mode Three Press Single Flashes Inversion Mode Long Press For 1 sec. On Constantly Heading Lock Mode Long Press For 3 sec. On Constantly Standby Mode

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