3-axis hand gimbal for GoPro Hero 3/3+ /4
Stabilised, quiet camera operation - for perfect movies at full action

Rollei eGimbal G4 electronic steadycam for GoPro*

  • Noise- and brushless motors
  • Stabilized handheld shooting and smooth camera movement even during full action
  • Infinitely variable controllable vertical 320° tilt

The Rollei eGimbal G4

This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with the GoPro Hero 3/3+/4. Boasting a synergy of technology alongside superior levels of durability, the user can be assured that all video recordings will be smooth and accurate. This is attributed to the brush-less motor technology that is employed within its construction. Its super-thin and lightweight design provide user-friendly attributes that are not often seen with other models. As it is constructed of robust aluminium, the GoPro Gimbal is perfectly suited for a number of different uses. Some of the most common can be:

• Taking a stabilised "selfie".
• Recording a sports event with precise control.
• Documenting a nature video.
• Capturing moments with friends while on an excursion.

Complete freedom of movement within all three axes gives the user the flexibility to record even the most difficult of shots.

Specifications of the GoPro* Gimbal

Another advantage of the eGimbal G4 is that it only weighs 265 grams. So, it is quite easy to manipulate while never sacrificing control. The length of the unit is 118 millimetres long; quite able to be held with a single hand. The internal computers are updated from time to time with new Firmware software. This enables the unit to always perform at optimal levels. It operates at a standard 8.6 volts and is offered up to 800 mA (milliamperes) in surge protection. As the motors themselves make no noise, there is never a concern in regards to audio interference when filming.

It can be modified vertically at 75 degrees per second and horizontal movements of 150 degrees per second allow for quick adjustments when necessary. As with other Rollei products, the GoPro Gimbal is equipped with a 24-month warranty in terms of parts and labour. 


Width 7.5 cm
Height 33.9 cm
Depth 6.5 cm
Weight 265 g
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  • eGimbal G1 vs G4

    G4 is quite a bit more expensive than its younger brother G1. What are the advantages of G4 over G1? Cheers, Cyril

    Answer: This new Gimbal 4 is lighter than the previous model. Furthermore, it does not need an extra battery as it comes with its own battery. It does not need a calibration like the Gimbal G1.

  • Product comparison

    Hello, We've found other gamble on the web (lot of them are less expensive). What are the advantage of buying your G4 ? Thanks in advance, Best regards,

    Answer: The advantage of the Rollei Gimbal G4 is that it is compatible with all GoPro editions. It offers a very high flexibility and has an ergonomic formed handle bar.

  • modes?

    hello, does the egimbal g4 have different modes of operation such as pan/tilt follow mode or horizon lock?

    Answer: Yes, the Rollei eGimbal G4 does offer different modes: Single Press Single Flashes Heading Follow Mode Double Press Double Flashes Heading And Pitch Follow Mode Three Press Single Flashes Inversion Mode Long Press For 1 sec. On Constantly Heading Lock Mode Long Press For 3 sec. On Constantly Standby Mode

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