Rollei eGimbal G4 Plus

  • For smooth videos that are filmed by hand with your actioncam
  • Perfect combination of precision engineering and electronics
  • Has a super smooth, brushless motor technology with a robust aluminum structure
  • Very thin design for a good handling while filming

The Rollei eGimbal G4 Plus

The Rollei Actioncam Gimbal is a perfect option for those who wish to enjoy unsurpassed stability alongside a flexible recording platform. This is accomplished by the use of three independent axes to provide smooth movements for any hand-filmed video. However, another massive benefit of this unit is that it is extremely lightweight and easy to manipulate.

This makes it perfect for outdoor uses and situations when transportation may be required. Constructed of durable aluminium, the user can rest assured that such a robust build will be able to stand up to even the most demanding of conditions. Therefore, this Rollei accessory can be used in hobbies such as filming a race, recording the ascent of a mountain or simply when camping with a group of friends. It is still important to note that the addition of cutting-edge technology has allowed the device to offer even more benefits.

Basic Attributes of the Actioncam Gimbal

The G4 Pluse utilises brush-less motors. This aids in completely smooth transitions when filming from one angle to another. Such actions are enhanced by the fact that all internal mechanisms are backed up by Firmware technology. Therefore, the unit will be automatically updated as is required. This all but guarantees that performance and reliability are never compromised.

The Rollei G4 Plus has a handle that is 118 millimetres long; thus able to easily be used with one hand. This is complimented by a weight of only 265 grams. It operates at a standard 8.6 volts and is equipped with a surge protection of 800 mA. In fact, the user is able to enjoy a full 320 degrees of horizontal and vertical tilt. This allows the Actioncam Gimbal to be ideal for head shots or even a stabilised "selfie" when one is out and about exploring the world.


Width 7.5 cm
Height 33.9 cm
Depth 6.5 cm
Weight 265 g
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