Rollei ePano 360 motorized swivel head

  • Motorized swivel head for fascinating 360 ° video
  • Compatible for Action Cameras, DSC camera and smartphones*
  • Continuous rotation (360°)
  • Stop-N-Go (Stops at every 90° mark)

The ePano 360is a highly-adjustable motorized swivel head for actioncams and digital still cameras, as well as smartphones when used in conjunction with a specially-designed holder.

Photography turntable

Thanks to the ePano 360’s extensive range of movements, it can provide the user with fascinating 360-degree panoramic video of a huge variety of settings. With a digital still camera, images are taken at fixed points and can then be ‘stitched’ together at a later time to provide a single, seamless, panoramic image.

The ePano 360’s main movements are left or right rotation of up to 120 degrees, and continuous rotation of 360 degrees. Users can also take advantage of an extra feature called ‘Stop ‘n Go’, where the ePano 360’s rotational movement stops every 90 degrees, before restarting automatically.

Adjustable speeds

For added flexibility, there are three different rotational speeds, which are all easily adjustable by the user. With the slowest setting, the ePano 360 takes 40 seconds to make a complete revolution, while with the ‘fast’ setting the duration is 25 seconds. There is also a super-slow mo time-lapse option with a complete rotation duration of 60 minutes.

Long battery life

The ePano 360 copes well with a maximum load of 300 grams, and its lithium-ion battery, when fully charged, will last for up to two and a half hours before recharging is required. It is also supplied with a 1/4-inch Zoll tripod bolt and a USB charging cable.

Try the Rollei epano 360 out for yourself and you will quickly realise that this is a great accessory to your action cam.


Weight 110 g
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