Rollei Flat Lens Underwater Housing 5S/5S Wifi

  • Underwater case with flat lens for crisp underwater shots!
  • For depths up to 60 meters

While we often picture modern digital cameras being used on hikes, bicycle rides and other terrestrial adventures, we should never forget that diving enthusiasts also wish to capture their amazing experiences in high-quality digital permanence. This could be a problem, for underwater filming is quite challenging. An underwater camera housing is absolutely essential to protect all electronics while simultaneously offering crisp images which may otherwise not have been possible. Rollei is happy to offer just such a housing; perfectly suited for maritime enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Advantages of this Underwater Camera Housing

It is first critical to note that this protective covering is equipped with a flat lens. This is absolutely essential for high-definition shots, as concave lenses will not provide such sharpness. In fact, this quality is perhaps only matched by the fact that the underwater camera housing can withstand depths and pressures of up to 60 metres. So, even challenging diving locations can be filmed with complete confidence and safety. Not only is the case waterproof, but it is also extremely shock resistant.

More Than Underwater Alone

Although this package is perfect for diving, it is just as suited for other high-intensity applications where water may be present, such as kayaking.

In fact, any location where a great amount of moisture is expected could benefit from this device. It is also ideal for environments where there is a high level of humidity (such as jungles). Perfectly suited for both novices and professionals, this unit is a great addition to any Rollei 5 or 5S camera. Purchase yours today or if you have any enquiries, you can feel free to speak with a highly trained Rollei representative to obtain further details.

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  • Youngstar

    Does this case also fit on a youngstar?

    Answer: The Flat Lens Underwater Housing is not kompatible with the Rollei Youngstar.

  • Does it fit?

    Is this case compatible with the Rollei 5S WiFi BASIC edition?

    Answer: The Rollei Flat Lens Underwater Housing is compatible with the Rollei 5S WiFi.

  • 5 S outdoors

    will this fit the 5 s outdoor with battery back?

    Answer: You will have to change the door of the housing. Normally there should be an extra door included to the delivery content of your cam. You can use this one.

  • ship to U S

    ship to Florida,U S ?

    Answer: Unfortunately we do not ship to the US. Please contact your retailer.

  • Rollei 4S

    Is this case also compatible with the rollei action cam 4S?

    Answer: This case is just for the Rollei Actioncam 5S. You cannot use it for the 4S.

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