Rollei Head Strap Kit Black

Some outdoor activities require a hands-free mobility that is simply not possible with even the most advanced of cameras. In such cases, a quality camera head strap is the one and only choice. Rollei is proud to be able to offer an extremely durable and comfortable version which is ideally suited for a variety of needs. From cave exploring to high-endurance marathons, the uses are nearly endless. Still, the wearer can expect to enjoy unsurpassed levels of comfort and support. What are a few additional features which have allowed this model to be so very popular?

A Camera Head Strap for the Modern Outdoors Enthusiast

Boasting a strap which embraces the circumference of the head alongside a vertical addition, any camera will remain firmly in place. This is a critical concern during situations when adjustments are not possible. As it weighs only 116 grams (not including the camera), one's neck will never be strained. This strap is also able to accommodate the unique attachment requirements of many Rollei cameras. The current cameras supported are the 3S, 4S, 5S and the 5S WiFi. Additionally, both the 6S and 7S models are likewise able to be quickly attached. Although the S-50 is another variant, keep in mind that other Rollei cameras may not fit within this mounting mechanism. For such questions, it is best to speak with a qualified company representative.

The head strap is available in colours of black, blue, orange and yellow. These are all excellent for visibility as well as when one wishes to exhibit a bit of style while enjoying his or her favourite sport. Providing reliability alongside a stable mounting platform, countless challenging activities can be experienced in high-definition video for years into the future. There is perhaps no better way to enjoy the thrills of such a first-person adventure.


Width 1.7 cm
Height 2.5 cm
Depth 0.7 cm
Weight 116 g
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  • Actioncam accessories

    Hello, I have a Racy Full-HD. I would know if Head Strap to Rollei 3S/4S/5S can be used in my camera?

    Answer: The Rollei Head Strap Kit can also be used for the Rollei Racy Full HD.

  • Youngstar

    Can I use this product on Rollei Young Star?

    Answer: The Rollei Head Strap Kit can be used with the Rollei Youngstar.

  • Rollei actioncam S-40 Wifi

    Hello, I have a Actioncam S-40 Wifi. I would know if Head Strap to Rollei 3S/4S/5S can be used in my camera?

    Answer: The Rollei Actioncam S-40 WiFi is compatible with the Rollei Head Strap Kit.

  • horse riding

    Would it be possible for this head strap to fit over a horse riding helmet?

    Answer: Basically, you can use the head strap kit to fit them over a riding helmet. But due to the movements while riding it can't be guaranteed that the camera is fully functional.

  • compatible

    support is compatible with compact cameras and screw 1/4 "?

    Answer: Yes, this mount offers a 1/4" thread.

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