Rollei Magnet Cup Kit

Modern technology has ushered in a number of extremely useful advancements in terms of on-the-spot digital video recording. Although we often hear of handheld cameras, one interesting innovation can be seen in the use of a camera magnet mount. As the name may suggest, this item is both flexible and simultaneously quite functional. Unlike suction devices or other mounts which may take a bit of time to install, this magnetic alternative can be placed onto a surface within mere seconds. In the very same respect, it can be removed without damage to sensitive areas such as the roof of a vehicle.

Why This Choice of Camera Magnet Mount?

As is a hallmark of all quality Rollei products, this device is ideal at providing action aficionados of any age with a means to record their most hair-raising adventures. So, a camera that is magnetically mounted will be able to offer a semi-permanent solution for a variety of high-definition needs. Boasting diminutive dimensions and with a weight of only 420 grams, this kit is an excellent option when one wishes to enjoy a secure foundation for filming even the most exciting of situations.

This platform can suit a wide array of Rollei cameras. It is recommended to view the technical specifications in more detail or to speak with a professional representative to learn more; not all models can be supported. Nonetheless, this camera magnet mount provides the user with a number of unique benefits which would not be available when selecting the traditional and more "permanent" style.

With your new Rollei Magnet Cup Kit, mounting a camera has never been easier.


Width 12 cm
Height 12 cm
Depth 17 cm
Weight 420 g
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  • Grip

    Hi guys. What is the grip strength of this Magnet Cup? How many Kg does it holds before looses grip? Tx, MB

    Answer: The Rollei Magnet Cup was designed for Action Cams only. We do not recommend to put anything more heavy on it.

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