Rollei Objektivfilter Set für GoPro*

  • Suitable for the GoPro Hero* Underwater Housings
  • Fits for all lenses with a diameter of 52 mm
  • UV filter, CPL filter, Magenta filter, Red filter

  • Suitable for the GoPro 3, 3+ and 4 Underwater Housings
  • Fits also for all lenses with a diameter of 52 mm
  • UV filter: The UV filter serves to protect the lens against mechanical damage, especially scratches. A filter is easier to replace as the front lens of the lens and it‘s also a lot cheaper.
  • CPL filter: The Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) filters out unwanted light reflections (like plastic, wood, glass or shop windows etc.) as well as mist or fog in the pictures. By rotating the filter, the contrast can be changed. Therefore a more powerful blue sky with white
  • clouds can be achieved while shooting outdoors.
  • Magenta filter: In local waters in which the water has a green cast, this filter „conjures“ vivid colors on the picture at depths up to 2 meters.
  • Red filter: This filter is suitable for depths from 5 to 25 meters, because it reduces the blue tint within the sea water and provides colorful shots.
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