Rollei Remote Control Holder for GoPro*

Taking selfies has become a very popular activity that numerous individuals now enjoy. Thanks to the use of GoPro* cameras, capturing a perfect picture while out and about has never been easier. Still, it should be mentioned that such a process can prove to be a bit awkward. There are also times when it may be nearly impossible to achieve the angle and distance that one desires. This GoPro remote mount helps to eliminate such difficulties. It is a great addition to be included during such activities as:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Skiing
  • Climbing

Benefits of the GoPro* Remote Mount

As its name hints, this is a device that is able to fit on the end of most Rollei arm extensions. This mount is able to accommodate the needs of a GoPro* remote control (not included). With a firm strap that can be easily adjusted, adhering the device will take only a matter of seconds. An aluminium base provides extra levels of durability during demanding weather conditions. It is resistant to salt water and thanks to an ABS silicone rubber strap, extremes in temperature will not present a problem. The mounting package contains one remote control base, one ProFork aluminium mount and one adjustable strap. So, this is an excellent all-in-one solution for anyone who has been looking for a secure method to mount their GoPro remote control.

This unit is backed up by a powerful five-year warranty thanks to the services provided at Rollei. Ultimately, achieving a perfect hands-free picture has never been more convenient. Please feel free to take a look at this and other quality Rollei products. The mount and countless other accessories are only a click away!

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