Rollei Safety Pad for Rollei Actioncams and GoPro*

  • Safety Pad for many kinds of actioncams
  • For flat and curved surfaces
  • With 3M adhesives technology

Enjoying a hands-free recording experience is one of the main intentions behind many quality Rollei products. However, safety first starts with how a camera is properly mounted to a surface. Rollei has left nothing to chance when designing these GoPro* Adhesive mounts. Stability and reliability are at the forefront, which enables the user to focus more upon his or her actions as opposed to being concerned with the security of their camera mount. What makes these safety pads so very unique?

GoPro* Adhesive Mounts: Modern Technology

One secret behind the innovative design of these safety pads is the use of adhesives developed by 3M. These are able to stand up to extreme temperature variations while also being resistant to the impact of salt water and corrosion. So, the pads will stay firmly attached and they can adapt to massive amounts of vibration. Without this technology, a camera could very well be lost when performing challenging activities such as off-road bicycling or surfing.

Unsurpassed Flexibility

Although the strength of these pads cannot be denied, it is also important to note that there can still be times when the wearer slips or falls. As opposed to risking damage to a camera, each pad has a predetermined breaking point. When enough stress is placed upon a device, it will separate from its mount before suffering any damage. This "smart" design is another reason why these GoPro* adhesive mounts are so valuable. They are able to work with GoPro* cameras as well as Rollei Actioncams. Both flat and curved surfaces enable them to be mounted to numerous objects (such as a helmet or the outside of a vehicle).

These pads are must-have items for the serious outdoor photographers.


Width 4.5 cm
Height 1.2 cm
Depth 5.3 cm
Weight 12 g
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